lunch your way

We’re all about making lunchtimes easier, yummier & healthier!
What your child eats throughout the day can impact not only their energy levels,
but their concentration & their mood.

for the hot lunch lovers

Keep food at the perfect temperature for hours with triple layer insulating superpowers in our newest lunchtime addition.

mood boosters

We’re giving you more variety at lunchtime with our versatile lunch tub, yum!

stay full and focused

Pack a wider variety of delicious food options that keep kids full & focused throughout the day, with our silicone lunch pocket!

energy, activate!

There are more ways to snack with our silicone snack cups. Ideal for those kiddos who prefer to graze but still need lots of energy to keep up with their day of play!

need some lunchbox inspo?

We've got 5 days of lunchbox ideas sorted
to make the first week back a little easier!