Looking for innovative alternatives to keeping your kid’s tummy full even at the best of times? We hear ya. Day after day, we understand the challenge all mums, dads and caregivers may face in trying to come up with interesting lunchtime alternatives – especially when we’ve got picky eaters on our hands, who often dislike or get easily bored of classic bread sandwiches – (hello ‘vegemite, butter, and cheese’!)

Need a creative lunchbox alternative to keep your kids full throughout their school day? You're in for a treat! We’ve searched high and low for sandwich alternatives for your school lunch box, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Think classic sandwiches from bread to something more exciting: a bagel, wrap, croissant, or fancy 'pinwheels'. Think international recipes: such as sushi rolls, a meaty scroll, mini pizzas, or a tasty bagel alternative. Need to sneak in some veggies and protein for the fussiest of appetites? How about some delicious veggie quiches, pikelets, or muffins?

But before our tummies start to rumble, we’ve got another surprise for you: our planet-friendly b.box silicone lunch pocket to store your delicious lunch recipes in, to make your daily lunch-making a breeze!


b.box silicone lunch pocket in lunchbox



what is the silicone lunch pocket?


Tired of wrapping your child’s sandwich in disposable tin foil, zip lock bag or plastic wrap? Be ahead of the game and be kind to the planet with our new long-lasting b.box silicone lunch pocket, fit for packing a wider range of healthy snack and lunch options: from sandwiches and rolls, to sushi, mini pizzas and more; without the reliance on single use plastics!

So muti-functional, this silicone lunch pocket fits perfectly into the sandwich compartment of our bento-style b.box lunchbox or can fit neatly in our b.box lunchbag teamed with our b.box snackbox. At school, kids as early as 3 years old can independently open and close the lunch pocket easily using the silicone pull tab. And after lunch is eaten? The pocket can be rolled up and safely secured using the tab on the back.

Get organized and save on moments of mayhem by preparing, refrigerating, or freezing lunches in your silicone lunch pocket in advance. Then in the morning? Simply pop it into your b.box lunchbox or b.box lunch bag, and away you’ll go!


Check out our silicone lunch pocket here



Ready for sandwich alternatives for your school lunch box?


lunchbox inspo: snacks, sandwiches & tasty alternatives to keep kids full

b.box for kids silicone lunch pocket with sushi 


classic long sushi rolls


A classic kid’s favourite, sushi is one of the tastiest, quickest foods to eat, especially for kids who wish to eat quickly and run around the playground with their friends. For an adequate lunch portion, why not choose tuna/avocado, or salmon/avocado, to pack the nutrients of grains, fish, nori seaweed and healthy fats into their diet? Just insert up to 3 long nori rolls into the silicone pocket, and voila! Lunch is ready!

Care to make some homemade sushi? Here’s a great and easy recipe to try!

recipe - taste.com.au



· 1 1/2 cups sushi rice

· 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

· 1 tbsp caster sugar

· 4 nori sheets

· 2 tbsp whole-egg mayonnaise

· 1 Lebanese cucumber, cut into matchsticks

· 1 medium avocado, thinly sliced

· 1 medium carrot, grated

· Salt-reduced soy sauce, to serve



step 1

Rinse and drain rice 3 times or until water runs clear. Place in a sieve over a bowl. Set aside for 10 minutes to drain.

step 2

Place rice and 1 1/2 cups cold water in a saucepan over medium heat. Cover. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer, covered, for 12 minutes or until water has absorbed. Remove from heat. Stand, covered, for 10 minutes.

step 3

Meanwhile, place vinegar and sugar in a microwave-safe jug. Microwave on high (100%) for 30 seconds. Stir to dissolve sugar. Transfer rice to a large ceramic dish. Using a spatula, stir to break up lumps. Slowly add vinegar mixture, lifting and turning rice, until rice has cooled.

step 4

Place 1 nori sheet, shiny side down, on a sushi mat. Using damp fingers, spread 3/4 cup rice over nori, leaving a 2cm strip at 1 short end. Spread 2 teaspoons mayonnaise over the center of the rice. Arrange one-quarter cucumber, avocado and carrot over mayonnaise. Using the sushi mat, roll up firmly to form a roll. Cut in half. Repeat with remaining nori

sheets, rice, mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado and carrot to make 3 long pieces. Serve with soy sauce.


 child with b.box for kids silicone lunch pocket with wrap


falafel pita pocket sandwiches


A great alternative to sandwiches, pita pockets are perfect for stuffing whole food nutrients like lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, low fat mayo and a myriad of proteins for a jam-packed on-the-go schoolyard eating experience! Speaking of pita pockets, here’s an authentic middle eastern recipe that uses soaked ground chickpeas and loads of fresh herbs and spices to create crispy, irresistible patties that are so nutritious - for easy dinners at home, for on the go picnic lunches, or ravenous mealtimes that hit the spot!

recipe - superhealthykids.com



· 2 cups raw chickpeas soaked in water overnight (not canned)

· 1 onion

· 1 tbsp lemon

· 2 – 3 handful fresh parsley

· 1 handful cilantro optional

· 2 cloves garlic minced

· 1 tsp cumin

· 1 tsp baking soda

· 4 tbsp olive oil

· 1/2 – 1 tbsp of salt

· canola oil to fry the falafel in



step 1

Drain and wash the soaked, uncooked chickpeas thoroughly and blend it well in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients until it turns into a coarse pastry. The texture of the chickpea mixture should be firm enough to easily hold its shape.

Note: If the mixture is too loose, add some breadcrumbs or wheat flour to the pastry. If the mixture is too firm, add a touch more olive oil.

step 2

Form the falafel into small balls or flat mini burgers, it's up to you. But try avoiding making the patties too thick, or it will be difficult to cook them all the way through.

step 3

Heat the oil in a small or medium sized saucepan and fry them until the surface becomes crispy (around 5 min). Flip and fry until crispy and cooked through.

step 4

For a baking option – preheat the oven to 375 and place the falafels on a baking sheet. Drizzle the falafels with olive oil on both sides. Bake for a total of 30-40 minutes, flipping once halfway through the cooking process. The longer you bake them the firmer they'll become.

Note: Please do not substitute the soaked raw chickpeas with canned or cooked chickpeas. Your falafel will be overly moist and pasty in the middle.




Ah, the classic bagel. Whether plain, seeded, wholegrain, or infused with sweetness, there is no doubt that its thick, hearty, and chewy texture makes excellent sandwich bread – as they are less likely to get soggy and fall apart!

With sweet or savoury toppings, they are also a perfect size for our wide sandwich pocket, and sure to tempt your kid’s taste buds. Our top bagel recipe? A gourmet delight – starring the Italian salami bagel sandwich loaded with four kinds of Italian meats (mortadella, pepperoni, salami, bacon), cheese, and peppers, and drizzled with olive oil dressing!

recipe - https://foodnessgracious.com



· 1 whole bagel, sliced in half

· 4 thin slices mortadella

· 4 thin slices pepperoni

· 4 thin slices Genoa salami

· 2 whole slices cooked bacon

· 3 slices provolone cheese

· 4 whole pepperoncini's, thinly sliced

· 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

· 1/2 tsp sugar

· 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

· 4 tbsp olive oil

· 1 pinch salt and black pepper



step 1:

slice the bagel in half. Layer the four meats on top of the bottom half of the bagel

step 2:

top with the provolone cheese and sliced peppers

step 3:

whisk the lemon juice, sugar, mustard, olive oil and salt and pepper together until emulsified

step 4:

drizzle the dressing over the meat and cheese and add the top of the bagel

step 5:

slice in half and serve with an easy side salad for a perfect tasty lunch



gourmet pizza


Keen for a quick and easy lunch to freeze for your kiddos beforehand? Why not make a big batch of lunchbox mini pizzas for those last minute ‘hangry’ moments? Delicious whether hot or cold, pizza is the most awesome food! You can top it however you want and make it to suit everyone. Best of all, homemade pizzas have no nasties and it’s also a great way to sneak in some veggies too. Making them mini? Means we can always have pizza ready to go, even for school lunches!



· 1 cup Greek yoghurt

· 2 cups self-raising flour

· 2 tbsp tomato paste or leftover pasta sauce

· ½ zucchini finely grated

· 5 slices prosciutto cut into slivers

· 1.5 cups grated cheddar cheese



step 1: preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius

step 2: combine the yoghurt and flour in the bowl of a mixer and mix until a dough forms

step 3: tip onto a floured board and roll out (approx. 30 x 50 cms)

step 4: cut the shapes you want from the dough. Large cutters that are wide work best

step 5: transfer onto a lined oven tray then top with tomato paste/pasta sauce

step 6: add the prosciutto

step 7: next top with the zucchini

step 8: cover with cheese

step 9: re-roll the rest of the dough and make another lot!

Step 10: Bake for 12 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius


child with b.box for kids insulated food jar 


other lunchtime options


Love our b.box silicone sandwich pocket ideas, but your kid prefers to eat cold or cooked plain pasta with a sauce, morning, noon, and night? Go with the flow - with our b.box insulated food jar! Slip some veggies in with some pasta and watch it stay warm for up to 5 hours, in any season. Alternatively, use this jar for refreshing fruit and yogurt for recess for up to 7 hours of coolness!


your clever leftover solution

Whether it’s leftover rice, pasta, noodles, cous cous salad, soup, or quinoa, our b.box insulated food jar will be able to hold even the slipperiest of foods! When using it to keep food warm - fill the stainless-steel base with hot water for a few minutes to warm it before pouring water out + filling it with your home-cooked recipes!

With a hearty 335ml capacity, an added spork utensil that tucks away into a custom bumper, and easy grip handles that help littlies open the jar easily, this lunch-friendly jar will encourage independent eating. The best bit? Its removable arms and bumper can ensure the food jar can be tailored for older school kids too. Its unique stop feature also prevents parents from overtightening the lid!


b.box for kids silicone snack cups


silicone snack cup ideas


Have a child that would prefer smaller varieties of food instead of a big sandwich? Make room for some little pretzels, breakfast cereals, runaway grapes, little bread sticks, sliced cucumber, or small amounts of crackers + cheese by adding a pair of silicone snack cups into your b.box lunchbox. Just slide the divider across and voila!


also great for baked snacks

Did you know that our b.box silicone snack cups can also be used at full size or folded down? This is so they can be used for baked goods too: like plain, pumpkin, savoury or low sugar fruit muffins, scones, homemade sausage rolls, pies, quiches and savoury pickelets with fruit - from oven to freezer to lunchbox!

Best of all – our b.box silicone snacks cups can reduce reliance on individually wrapped snacks + single use items - so clever + kind to the planet!

So, there you have it mums, dads + caregivers, your list of lunchbox inspiration is here - featuring snacks, sandwiches & tasty alternatives, plus our amazing products to fill them in, to keep your school kid full, happy, and satisfied!

And remember… before embarking on any new dietary regimen for your beloved children: always ask a recommended health professional first! Buon appetito!



(Nicole Salinger is a copywriter + mental health first aider at b.box. She’s also a fellow mama-raiser of 4 grown humans. She is here to share the truth - and nothing but the truth – about the precious journey of Motherhood – and how to stay sane with children in tow!)

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