about b.box body

    baby skin care, redefined

    at b.box we’re all about redefining everyday essentials. with a focus on quality, we are driven by innovation to offer families all around the world unique solutions to life’s little challenges. b.box body is formulated with this ethos at its heart.

    the b.box body journey

    when b.box co-founder Monique went in search of a sensitive skin solution, she was surprised that natural skincare for delicate and stressed out skin was actually kind of hard to find! so together with fellow co-founder Dannielle and the team at b.box, they created one

    our resident skin care expert

    meet Antonette. award-winning skin care guru and the formulations queen behind b.box body. Antonette brings more than 15 years of learning and experience in health science, cosmetic product development, alternative therapies and scent science to the b.box team.

    a - z, naturally

    we’ve taken the best Australian botanical and plant-based elements to achieve formulations that are kind to people, and our planet. our ingredient glossary helps you understand our values of green chemistry, simply.