Are you navigating life with a teeny tiny baby? Oh, the awe of staring at your baby, thinking (knowing!) they are the most beautiful beings you have ever laid your eyes on, the pure joys of cuddle time, of bath time; and last but not least, the desire to protect their health and wellbeing from day one. body is a collection of 5 all-natural baby bathing + skincare essentials with you and your growing family in mind. That let you safely clean and care for your newborn baby. That caters to their delicate skin, and nourishes and protects their skin and overall wellbeing as they grow. That lets you connect with your partner and your newborn with at-home rituals of togetherness. Knowing for certain, that you are using all natural skincare that is safe for your family and kind to the planet.  

Think clean patented formulations. Think wholesome ingredients with subtle aromatic undertones that calm your mind and are naturally gentle on your newborn’s skin (and your sensitive post baby body too).  

 So here is where we present to you - our how-to-guide for first parents, carers, and baby’s – designed and created with expert care: for you and your baby’s bonding journey. body for baby 


Step 1 – cleanse + rinse 

When you’ve come home from hospital, you might notice baby’s skin peeling or shedding on parts of the body, like the face, hands, ankles, and soles of the feet. Although this is all perfectly normal, you can do your best to keep it clean and hydrated with the natural elements of kakadu plum, aloe vera + green tea: with cleanse, an aromatic foaming gel, filled with Australian botanicals which all aid in hydration and in nourishing baby’s sensitive skin.

Apply cleanse in bath to baby’s damp skin and hair. Massage gently to lather and gently rinse with water on baby’s face, hair, and body. 

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baby sitting in bath with body cleanse


Step 2 – hydrate with no flakes!

For a top-to-toe skin smoothing session, bond with baby before bedtime using hydrate, a moisture-rich lotion packed with the natural botanical goodness of aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter to replenish moisture to baby's skin. Free from chemical nasties, hydrate is plant-based, vegan-friendly and dermatologically tested. And enriched with nutrient-dense kakadu plum and green tea extract to leave baby’s skin feeling soft, and aromatic essentials oils of calendula and chamomile known to help calm the skin and hopefully soothe irritation, all while smelling amazing! 

Ideal for baby massage and designed for good absorption without any white ghosting: leaving baby feeling perfectly relaxed and moisturised! 

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baby with hydrate body lotion


Step 3 – finally … protect for a good sleep ahead!  

In adjusting to lots of changes in baby’s big wide world, there are also lots of feeds … leading to lots of wet and soiled nappies, and often nappy rash. This usually occurs when there is no physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may irritate it. Although it can be distressing in those first few sleep-deprived weeks, protect is designed to create a protective barrier against itching, redness, peeling skin and inflammation, all of which are symptoms used to describe the effects of nappy rash. 

You can help baby by gently cleaning the affected area, and then applying protect generously, using as often as required, and not needing to be completely absorbed.

Benefits include the pump + swipe airless jar for easy application, and reduced spread of germs – no more finger dipping or barrier cream stuck under fingernails! Containing zinc oxide and teamed with natural botanicals and essential anti-inflammatory oils known to help calm the skin.

Free from nasties and made from earthy ingredients, protect does exactly that and more … without stripping the skin of natural oils! 

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baby using protect nappy and barrier cream


For particularly sensitive skin types or for a deeper skin care treatment, you can also try: 


Option 1 – soothe for sensitivities  

For very dry little bodies or for little ones that are appearing to have sensitivities - as an option, indulge baby with soothe, a soap-free sensitive skin treatment that delivers intensive care to the hair and body.

Simply add directly to bath water for a luxurious milky soak, with no need to rinse.

soothe contains calming botanical elements of aloe vera, kakadu plum and jojoba oil to hydrate, teamed with kaolin clay to remove impurities and calm irritated skin, leaving it soft and supple, and with any luck leaving bubs feeling tranquil and serene. Reminding you that baby’s bath is recommended in water which is comfortably warm and a little warmer than your own natural body temperature! 

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baby with soothe soap-free mineral soak


Option 2 – nourish and flourish  

Does baby need some added skin nourishment? Whether to soothe cradle cap, calm their skin or give them some mama and/or papa and baby bonding time with a relaxing, nourishing massage, our aromatic nourish bath oil not only gently leaves their scalp feeling hydrated, silky smooth and smelling beautiful, but it is made from botanical elements of coconut, sunflower, and jojoba to hydrate and replenish the skin’s natural barrier, including the essential oils of mandarin and chamomile to offer nourishing properties to sensitive skins prone to dryness or irritation.  


Simply smooth into baby’s scalp to cleanse away loose flakes; or massage into baby’s skin for a relaxing and hydrating bonding experience! 


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 baby with nourish body and bath oil

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