caddy packaging - brownFor the first few months of your baby's life, nappy changing time should be easy enough, if not a little messy some times. Once your baby starts to become more mobile, lying down nice and still may be the last thing on his mind. Here are some of my best tips for easy nappy changes:

Be prepared. Make sure you have everything you could possibly need for changing your baby, and consider every eventuality. When it goes wrong at changing time, it can go very wrong! We've made the essential nappy caddy for just this purpose - you can put everything you need in one portable caddy that not only ensures you're prepared but is stylish too.

Buy nappies and wipes in bulk to avoid running out. Order them online and have them delivered if you can.

Hang a mobile over the change station. Babies love bright colours, things that sparkle or glow, and whacking dangling animals is a great distraction.

Play music. Babies love music, and if there is a special piece that always calms your baby, have it on repeat at changing time. Incy Wincy and This Little Piggy are great for distracting and calming your baby.

Ask your baby to help you. Babies love being busy and useful. Ask your baby to hold the nappy or cream, or give him a wipe, and ask him to clean his hands. Ask him to pass things to you, to help you put his socks on or to hold his feet up.

Have regular nappy off time. This will help to reduce the likelihood of nappy rash, and he'll love rolling about, exploring and feeling the air on his bottom. Make sure he's on a safe surface, and put a towel down, just in case!

Look out for rashes. Most babies get sore bottoms occasionally, so look out for redness, cracked skin and spots, as these must be treated immediately. Keep a stash of barrier, nappy rash and anti-fungal creams, and don't be afraid to get medical help if you're worried.

Changing time can be lots of fun, and a great opportunity to bond with and teach your baby. So pull a silly face or do a little jig, and enjoy these special times.

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