With easter fast approaching and it being one of the last of the long breaks ahead, what better time to plan than a trip with your new bubba in tow.

Whether you’re taking your baby on a first-time trip to visit the grandparents or travelling out of town for a change of scenery, you now have slightly more luggage to carry. Just a bit of organisation and preplanning is the key. Here are our top packing tips.


Remember, organisation will save you in the long run


It pays to be prepared, so it’s a good idea to pack that travel bag at least a day or so before the trip so you can continue to add those last-minute items as they come to mind. This will also help you work out the size of the luggage you can carry.


Here are just a few items you might want to include in your travel bag:


Our b.box body bath + skincare minis are in convenient 60ml travel size tubes which means you will have more than enough to get you through either a long or short trip so rest assured you wont be running to the pharmacy for extras.


Baby bath wash - Cleanse hair + body wash cleans and nourishes baby's delicate skin, leaving bubba smelling fresh.

Soap-free baby wash - Soothe is a unique mineral baby wash that turns water into a milky, hydrating bath. Sometimes, new environments or a change in climate can cause eczema or skin redness/irritation. So be sure to carry along your Soothe baby wash to calm the skin and help bubba relax bubba.

Baby lotion- Hydrate is our must-have lightweight powerhouse all-over body lotion. Yet again, climate change can really dry out your baby’s skin, so don’t forget to hydrate and keep that dry skin at bay.

Nappy barrier cream - Protect nappy cream helps relieve nappy rash. The last thing you need is an uncomfortable baby and you forgetting your nappy cream at home. A happy baby makes a happy holiday.


Pack smartly


Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If it's expected to be cold, ensure you pack a few lightweight sweaters and a coat for your little one. If the temperature drops significantly, these can be easily layered over bodysuits, tops, and leggings. On the other hand, if the forecast indicates warmer weather, pack lightweight bodysuits and onesies that can be worn alone during the day and layered at night. Keep heavier layers to a minimum. Think about what is easy to wash and dry, as accidents can happen despite your preparations.


Don’t forget the extras…


When away from home, it is Murphy's law that you will lose something. Day trips are notorious for things going missing out of the pram like socks, shoes, dummies and drink bottles, so packing extra may come in handy.


It’s the little things that make a difference


Pacifier - An unfamiliar bed and new surroundings can unsettle a baby, so ensure you have their comfort items handy– the pacifier. b.box pacifiers are designed to soothe your little one safely and with style. The intuitive symmetrical silicone teat is shaped to mimic mum's nipple when breastfeeding. Made from medical-grade silicone, it is a durable, easy-to-clean option that is safe for babies.


Teethers - Teething babies love to chew. The b.box wrist teether is designed to grasp or wear as a bracelet. The textured design helps to massage sore gums and spark curiosity. It also comes in handy on those long road trips, soothing and entertaining your little one while keeping them happy.


Sippy cup - The award-winning sippy cup features our innovative b.box weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted. Our straw has a unique two-way valve, ensuring easy drinking and NO leaks, even with warm water.





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