Here comes the most anticipated shopping event of the year: Black Friday! For parents, this is the perfect time to snag deals on essentials for their little ones. And when it comes to innovative and award-winning products for infants and toddlers, is the go-to brand.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top 5 must-have products from that every parent should consider this Black Friday. Let's dive in!

The Body + Bath Collection: Making Bath Time a Breeze

Bath time is more than just a routine; it's a bonding experience between parents and their babies. Ensuring it's both enjoyable and safe is crucial.


Gentle Body Washes: Babies have sensitive skin, and using the right products is essential. These washes are free from harsh chemicals, ensuring your baby's skin remains soft and hydrated.


  • Cleanse Hair + Body Wash - Dive into a holistic bathing experience with our dual-purpose hair and body wash, meticulously formulated for the tiniest newborns to seasoned adults. Revel in the gentle embrace of our all-natural foaming gel that not only purifies but leaves skin with an enchanting, velvety touch and a heavenly scent that lingers. Consciously crafted without any undesirable additives, our wash ensures skin retains its intrinsic oils, bestowing a natural glow post-bathing.
  • Soothe Mineral Soak - offers a soapless bathing alternative, crafted meticulously for the newborn's first dip and equally effective for every age and skin variety. Rich in minerals, this dual-purpose potion lavishes attention on both face and body, promising a transformation to a velvety, supple touch.

  • Products Tailored for the Littlest Ones (From 4 months)

    As babies grow, their needs evolve. By four      months, they begin to show interest in their surroundings and require products that cater to their developmental milestones.



    First Drinking Cup: Transitioning from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to a sippy cup is a significant step. offers a range of sippy cups designed for babies aged 4 months and up. These cups come with soft spouts that are gentle on the gums, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Spout Cup (4m+) - Begin the sipping journey with our meticulously designed spout cup. Tailored with a thoughtfully angled silicone tip, it promises utmost gentleness on an infant's gums, ensuring a comfortable quenching experience. The seamlessly integrated handles are contoured for those tiny hands, making each sip effortlessly delightful.

  • Sippy Cup (6m+) - At its core lies's groundbreaking weighted straw, crafted to sway in harmony with the liquid, regardless of the cup's orientation. Our revamped straw introduces a distinctive dual-valve mechanism, guaranteeing seamless sips without a hint of leakage, even when filled with warmer beverages.

  • Training Cup (9m+) - Tailored to bridge the gap, it replicates the experience of sipping from a grown-up cup by channelling the drink effortlessly towards the rim. What sets it apart is its innovative visual window on the lid, allowing young ones to gauge the liquid inside, refining their judgment on the perfect tilt for every sip.

  • 360 Cup (9m+) - For tiny tots taking their first sipping steps, our 360 cup is a game-changer. Embrace the gentle touch of its plush silicone, which activates a full-circle drinking edge upon contact. With intuitive flow modulation — the stronger the press, the greater the flow — and minimised spill incidents, this cup's silicone edge seamlessly seals shut post-use

  • Teething Solutions: Teething can be a challenging phase for both babies and parents. The teething toys from are designed to provide relief and are made from safe, BPA-free materials. They come in various shapes and textures, catering to different teething stages.

    1. Essentials for the Adventurous Ones (From 6 months)

    By 6 months, babies become more active and curious. They start to explore foods, try to grab objects, and show interest in moving around.



  • Feeding Essentials: Introducing solids is an exciting phase. offers a range of feeding products tailored for babies aged 6 months and up. From spill-proof bowls to ergonomic spoons, these products make mealtime mess-free and enjoyable.


  • Drinking Solutions: As babies grow, their hydration needs increase.'s drinking solutions cater to this age group, ensuring they remain hydrated throughout the day. Whether it's a straw bottle or a sippy cup, there's something for every baby.

    1. Lunchtime Solutions for the Independent Toddlers

    Toddlers are little explorers who love to assert their independence, especially during meal times. Having the right lunchtime solutions can make a world of difference.




  • Stylish Lunchboxes: lunchboxes are designed with toddlers in mind. They come with multiple compartments, allowing parents to pack a balanced meal. The lunchboxes are also easy to open, promoting independence.

  • Cutlery Sets: As toddlers learn to eat on their own, having the right cutlery set is crucial. offers ergonomic cutlery sets that are easy to grip and safe for toddlers.

    1. Collaborations: Bringing Fun to Everyday Essentials collaborates with popular brands and characters to bring fun and excitement to everyday products. From sippy cups featuring Disney classics, to lunchboxes with beloved characters like Bluey & Bingo, these collaborations add a touch of magic to everyday routines.

    Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to invest in quality products for your little ones. With incredible deals and discounts, ensures that parents can get the best without breaking the bank. So, mark your calendars, make your wishlist, and get ready for an unforgettable shopping experience!

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