Make this Mother's Day extra special by treating Mum to a delightful breakfast in bed. These breakfast ideas are not only delicious but also fun for kids to help prepare, offering a great way to show love and appreciation and be part of the exciting cooking process. Engaging kids in these easy kitchen adventures is perfect for creating lasting memories and celebrating Mum in a unique, personal way. With dishes that cater to all tastes, the morning promises to be an enjoyable and memorable family affair.

*Parent supervision may be required depending on the of the child.


Breakfast Meal Ideas

Idea 1: Heart-Shaped Egg in a hole



- 1 piece of bread

- 1 heart-shaped cookie cutter

- 1 egg

- butter


1. Begin by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the centre out of your bread slice.

2. Heat a small amount of butter in a pan over medium heat and place the bread in the pan. Allow the bread to brown slightly on one side before flipping it over.

3. Gently break an egg into the heart-shaped hole in the bread, then cover the pan with a lid.

4. Let the egg cook until it turns white and solid, about 3-4 minutes, depending on your preference for how runny or firm Mum likes her eggs.

5. Once the egg is cooked to her liking, remove the pan from heat, and serve the heart-shaped delight to Mum with a smile!



Idea 2: Scones & Tea



-Ready-made Scones

- Mum’s favourite jam

- Cream

- Mum’s favourite tea or coffee


1. Warm scones in the microwave for 15 seconds.

2. Carefully remove and cut scones in half and spoon on a layer of jam topped with a spoonful of cream.

3. Prepare Mum's favourite tea or coffee, just the way she likes it.

4. Arrange the scones and beverage beautifully on a tray to serve!



Idea 3: Cinnamon Toast & Berries




- Cinnamon Sugar (Mix Cinnamon and Sugar together)

- A selection of berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries)

- Butter


1. Toast the bread slices to Mums desired crispness.

2. Spread a thin layer of butter over the warm toast and then sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on top.

3. Top the cinnamon toast with a colourful assortment of fresh berries..

4. Serve immediately, ensuring each plate is bursting with flavour and colour.



and for some extra final touches

Consider adding a few heartfelt, personal touches to the serving tray to make your breakfast-in-bed service even more memorable. Placing a fresh flower next to Mum's plate adds a burst of natural beauty and a hint of springtime charm. A handmade card crafted by the kids is a keepsake and a sweet gesture that can make her feel truly appreciated. Encourage the kids to create a unique placemat for Mum, perhaps decorated with drawings or messages expressing their love. Kids can take the lead by creating homemade Mother's Day cards with these ideas:


Additionally, you could include a small gift, like a book she's been wanting to read or a cosy pair of slippers to lounge in. Consider adding a personal touch like a custom playlist of her favourite songs in the background or a mini photo album filled with cherished family memories that she can flip through as she enjoys her meal. These thoughtful additions transform a simple breakfast into a full-fledged celebration of everything Mum means to you and your family, creating a fun and deeply personal atmosphere.



Creating a delightful breakfast in bed for Mum on Mother's Day is more than just a meal; it's a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude. The delicious recipes we've explored, from heart-shaped egg in a hole to aromatic scones and sweet cinnamon toast, are perfect for bringing the family together and making Mum feel cherished. By involving kids in the preparation, we nurture their cooking skills and strengthen familial bonds, turning a simple morning treat into a memorable, joyous occasion.

With these thoughtful touches—be it a handmade card, a specially made placemat, or her favourite tunes—every aspect of the breakfast tray is infused with personal significance, transforming the experience into an extraordinary celebration of Mum. This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to show appreciation in the most loving way possible: through shared moments, lovingly prepared food, and personalised gestures that resonate with gratitude and love.

Enjoy the smiles, savour the flavours, and most importantly, cherish the time spent together. Here's to making Mother’s Day not just special, but unforgettable. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums out there!

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