10 Self-Care Tips for On-The-Go Mums


This week we are embracing motherhood in all its glory. As the world spins ever so quickly, and our reality chops and changes at the blink of an eye, the life of a mum remains the same.


Whether you choose to stay home with your littlies or are happily balancing work alongside the mayhem of kidlets, we are all, in a sense, attempting to stay on-top-of-it-all: by living a life that is on-the-go.  


To keep our energy going at an optimum rate, it pays to adopt some self-care habits that can benefit us within our fast-paced modern lifestyle. Even if it means getting some exercise. Even if it means taking time out in the morning to write in a journal. Or … by embracing a new early morning ritual like meditation.


Sounds impossible? Think again!


Getting on top of things can seem gruelling when you’ve got kids at your feet, but with enough organisation and bits of preparation, you and your family will eventually ride a magic carpet of on-the-go bliss!    


Whether you choose to stay home with your littlies or are happily balancing work alongside the mayhem of kidlets, we hear you.


Time to get revived, reorganised, and ready to roll? Time to feel in control of it all, so your week floats along swimmingly and peacefully, in between the noise?


We think it’s time to share the love: by sharing 10 self-care tips to feed our on-the-go lifestyle of motherhood.  


adopting a self-care ritual 


When we think of self-care, its usually the last thing we prioritise ourselves with. We often laugh at the thought, thinking there is no way we can fit it in to our lives: in between nappy changes, toddler tantrums and the morning drop-off.


But have no fear, self-care is here! And no, we are not talking a faraway trip to an ashram in India, nor to a spa in Switzerland.


Surprisingly, the steps to long-term self-care can be attained in small, measurable steps.  


Tip1: Going to the local gym 


I know what you are thinking. Gyms are for bulky weightlifters and lots of people taking selfies while pumping iron. And while this may be true, you’d be surprised to know that there are some group fitness classes that can benefit your body, mind, and soul.


Fancy stretching and loosening your limbs while relaxing in a realm of momentary bliss? Try Yoga. Fancy feeling like a superhero? Build your muscles by pumping iron in Body Pump. A ninja warrior? Try Muay Thai, Body Combat or Boxing class. Fancy dancing in front of the mirror like a popstar? Try Body Jam, Sh’bam or Zumba.


Whatever class you choose, the point is: they get you moving, socializing, and feeling great afterwards! 


Tip 2: Morning Meditation  


There is nothing like waking an hour earlier than everyone else in the house and doing something that helps you think clearly for the rest of the day.


Making time to journal your feelings, or to listen to a meditative podcast, is so great for our mental health, as it invites us in to breathe and connect with our thoughts and feelings that we might otherwise overlook in the frantic pace of our day. It also invites us in to pause and give thanks to the positive things in our life: like our health, our loved ones, our careers, and our passions.


There is a good feeling that envelops us when we just pause to smell the roses. There are meditations for waking, going to sleep, and even manifesting our dreams. The more you try it, the more blissful you’ll feel every single day.   


Tip 3: Morning or Evening Walk: 


If the gym or meditation is not your thing, then perhaps a brisk walk in the morning or evening is all you need to energise or wind your day down. Pop on a podcast while walking to open your senses or turn on some pumped up music to get your body moving. And the best thing is, it is all free and doesn’t cost a dime!  


Tip 4: A Beauty Regime  


Nothing puts a smile back on our dial than a trip to the hairdresser, massage therapist, spa, or nail salon. Like tending to the weeds in our garden, or our overgrown lawn, nothing truly feels as good as when we award ourselves with some personal grooming.

Everyone deserves a refresh, n’est ce pas?


There is nothing more invigorating than a dip in a spa, sauna or by covering ourselves in mud and sudsy oils. Occasionally, us mums need to unwind, peacefully. 


start a healthy eating habit 


Mum getting food from the fridge


Are your children’s school lunches packed to every inch of their life: filled with foods from the ‘five-finger-rule’ of at least 1 serving each of veggie, 1 fruit, 1 protein, 1 dairy and 1 grain, plus a bottle of water? If so, then why not pack your own balanced lunch and water bottles for your on-the-go day as well?


Try and spend Sundays organising your food for the week, by creating a menu, and then prepping your lunches the night before? Busy mums also deserve to be nourished and watered, for we are the engineers that run our family’s lives! 


Tip 1: drink water from a time-measuring bottle  


A great tip to keeping up your water intake during the day is by drinking water from a time-measuring bottle. It keeps you accountable, you can drink your water in increments, and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the thought of drinking two bottles a day.  


Tip 2: prepare your own #mumbox instead of a lunchbox  


There are countless recipes for healthy lunchbox meals that can be found on the internet. Try finding them on Pinterest, as well as on some food blogger’s websites, who display some of the brightest and most inspiring lunchbox menus around. If feeling fuller for longer is on your radar, than prep a big garden salad topped with tomatoes and cucumber to eat with your protein. After lunch, top up your appetite with a container of fresh carrots and celery sticks. Add some fruit to the mix, and you’ll feel healthy and energised for the rest of the day. 


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surround yourself with positive people 


What may surprise you to learn, is that to keep your on-the-go energy running at a measured pace, is to surround yourself with positive people. Happiness is indeed contagious. It makes us feel good. It makes us think happy thoughts.


Positive people fill our hearts with warmth, as opposed to the ‘negative nellies’ who’s we don’t even realise - may be bringing us down!  


take up a creative pursuit  


Ok. Now it’s time to be truthful with yourself.


When was the last time you took up a creative hobby? Have you ever dreamed of learning painting? Of joining a choir and attempting to sing? Of joining a pottery or basket weaving class? How about taking an art history class? Something, anything that is outside your comfort zone? That you can develop weekly, that opens your curiosity and sense of adventure? Trying some new pursuit unrelated to your day, can clear your mind, relax you, and help you rediscover more passions that may still be living inside of you – just waiting to get out!   


join a community sport’s club 


Psychologically speaking, joining a team sport has loads of benefits, including gaining a great sense of belonging by working with others towards a common goal.


It provides an opportunity to make new friendships, to improve your own physical skill and build your own willpower, not to mention your own self-confidence.


It also helps motivate you to wake up and excel in all aspects of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Think of the ancient female warriors and goddess who grew on the inside and the outside: just by feeling physically skilled in athletic activity. Why not try netball, football, cricket, and tennis in your local area, and very soon, you’ll experience it’s winning benefits!   


unplug from social media 


Ever thought of taking a break from social media to rest your eyes and declutter your mind? Want to take some respite from falling into the rabbit hole of that dreaded word: comparison?


Unplugging from your phone, for a day or two has amazing benefits to your mental wellbeing. It forces you to concentrate on yourself and what you enjoy doing, without the constant voyeurism and prying eyes of others. Even by limiting your time to 10 mins, once or twice a day to check your socials, is saving you time: on doing things that are productive and that serve your life well.  


break out into nature  


Mom and Kid bush walking


There are so many benefits to spending time immersed in nature. Quite often, nature is depicted to be magical, tranquil, and serene. It relaxes us. It invigorates us. It heightens our senses and brings us back to the basics.


Whether lying on the beach with the sunlight beaming on our face and the cool breeze blowing gently through our hair; whether it’s the sound of birds singing in the forest and the trickling of water flowing through a stream, Mother Nature has the power to make us stop, breathe, and reflect upon the beauty of our natural world.  


book a family getaway 


Ahhh … there’s nothing like a family holiday to break up the feeling of pacing around like a speedy Gonzales. Even though, a holiday can seem like wishful thinking, why not book the next best thing: a local family getaway?


Cue the campervan. Cue the campfire. Cue the roasted marshmallows. Cue the bulky bundles of food, and the whole kitchen sink, and voila! Your getaway is here: Watch sunsets with the family while eating fish and chips. Collect seashells. Swim in lagoons. Try rope-swinging or counting the stars. Sometimes the simplest holidays are where the most fun can be had, and where technology can be left at home.


Who knows? Perhaps our old holiday plans may soon be replaced by a new kind of getaway: a tranquil experience to reenergise ourselves. Because sometimes, nothing can beat the beauty of quality time - with the ones you love.  


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build your curiosity 


Tapping into our curiosity opens our senses and fills us with the gift of knowledge.


As we are receiving new information, we engage our brains to function optimally, and gain a sense of achievement while learning about new things. By being curious we invest in ourselves, and this builds our self-confidence to such a degree, that it motivates us to achieve new goals that we may not have planned or imagined beforehand.


So, sign up for that new online course. Try that new beginner’s class in pottery. And finally: don’t be afraid to click and listen to that travel podcast on Ancient Greece while walking your dog. You never know what kind of magic you will learn!  


practise gratitude 


Speaking of magic, the feeling of gratitude is a ritual that can be practised at any time: when waking in the morning, spend cherished moments with your loved ones, or before going to sleep.


So, let’s define the word ‘gratitude’ for a moment. Gratitude is an attitude. By definition, it is two things in one: having a graceful attitude. An appreciative mindset.  


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Embracing gratitude in our everyday moments brings you a feeling of abundance. Of being happy and satisfied with what you already have. So, you can live in the now: and with inner peace.   


There are many ways to feel empowered as an on-the-go mum. Once you start applying one or two of the tools above, it will not only serve to boost your life and energy - but it will also give you a well-earned breather! Taking time to care for yourself will energise you and stand you in good stead for a lifetime of optimum health and wellbeing – to refuel you to keep doing what you do best – being the best mum you can be!  


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