12 Most Empowering Virtues to Share with your Children 


This month at b.box, in honour of International Women's Day, we had a thought: what if mums, all around the world, could empower their children simply by teaching them about the power of having inner virtues?


Instead of watching our kids reach for their iPad or game console, what if you could sprinkle them with a glittering bottle of virtues that can help build their character on the inside out? And if so, which ones could you choose for your child?


Would it be kindness, compassion, loyalty, or happiness? In this month's blog, we want you to highlight this idea with your kids: that they are more than what they see on Instagram or Tik-tok. That they probably have more gifts inside of them than they think!


So, mums, what exactly are these special qualities are that exist within us? Well, these qualities are called virtues. They are the positive values inside of you that make you unique.


They are the character traits that build you up, and make you feel special. They literally make you … YOU!


Let's get uplifted, empowered, and inspired together. Let's gift our kids with a new kind of learning: about what potential they may already have within themselves. Get ready, get set, and ... go!


It's time: to open our big Pandora's Box of inner virtues. To remind all of you amazing mums that you deserve to sparkle more, and to teach your kids to shine by your example!





It’s super important to be kind. To be a nice person makes people feel good when they are around you. By being kind, you are letting someone know that they are special and appreciated in your life.


It costs nothing to be kind!


You can teach your child to be kind by sharing some goodies with a friend. By greeting a new student at school and making them feel welcome. By ... giving someone a great, big compliment! There is even a saying that kindness makes the world go 'round. It is single-handedly the one vibe that people respond to in such a positive way, that spreads from person-to-person, and that the world can never tire of.


Building kindness in our children is the greatest gift you can give them!




What could be more powerful … than being positive?


No matter what others think of you. No matter what happens to you, what matters is that you remain positive and strong! If you are a positive person, no one can take it away from you.


They might be able to take it away for a temporary moment, but if your natural state is to choose happy, then congratulations, you are stuck in being positive! We should try to be more positive because we all deserve to look on the bright side of life. It can make you stand out from the crowd. It will make other people want to be around you! So, make positivity a daily ritual. A daily religion. The collective state of happy!




Honesty is about being loyal, trustworthy, and sincere. Having an honest character trait makes you reliable to tell the truth, and it makes others able to trust you to keep a secret. 


If you are honest with others, you can be honest with yourself and your feelings too. This shows that you also have respect for yourself. Speaking your truth with honesty is really a special virtue to have, especially when discerning what is real vs. what is not on social media! In life, it really does pay to be honest, especially when making decisions for yourself and your life's choices.


And to benefit the ones you love!




Being curious opens your mind to learning about the world around you. Having curiosity about the real world makes you interesting and fills you up with satisfaction in knowing that you are challenging your mind.


Learning new subjects or adopting a new skill or hobby makes you feel more confident and smarter. It makes life fresh and exciting. It’s like searching for new treasure … or opening a new door, and one of them can lead you to your goals and dreams!


Curiosity is seriously cool!




Being loyal is such an important virtue because it shows that you respect and care for another person enough to stand by their side, even when the going gets tough and adversity arrives.


You can be loyal by just being there to soothe a friend. By standing up for your sibling if they are being bullied at school. By being there for your best friend through thick and thin. By being a source of strength to those you care about.




Courage is a virtue that calls for you to be extra brave, even when the thing you may be asked to do sits outside your comfort zone.


Courage comes when you are a bit fearful, when you need that little push to get you over to the other side. Like a warrior or a superhero, courage comes when you must act on your beliefs!


You can show courage by speaking your mind. By being daring, bold, and full of zest. By leaving fear behind you. By protecting your friends or siblings from harm. This all takes great courage!




Respect is one of the most important virtues to learn, as it calls you to be courteous to others. That you have high regard for those older than yourself. That you hold your parents or teachers, in great esteem.


It pays to be more respectful to others because it gives you value. You can show respect for others by having good manners. By saying good morning, please and thank you to your parents, teachers, and friends. By holding your own, and even having boundaries with others, is a great way to show respect for yourself as well.




To have compassion for another person is a gift worth honouring.


It takes someone very special to feel empathy for another person in need. By putting yourself in their shoes. By having a sympathetic ear. Stepping out of yourself to do a selfless deed, past your own needs, makes you feel full inside.


To empathise with another human being you care deeply about, is the greatest gift you can give another person. This can really set another's worries free.




Self-confidence is such a unique virtue to build within ourselves.


It takes a steady amount of inner faith to deeply believe in our own skills and superpowers. But this virtue doesn't just appear on our doorstep, via a magic wand; nor does it arrive with the simple snap of our fingers.


Confidence comes from slowly and steadily taking action to try new skills, and by measuring each feat you achieve: to become highly skilled in your own unique way. The abundant feeling this gives you breeds your self-confidence.


Being a master of your talents, and gifting them to the world, is a great way to not only build your self-esteem, but to be a shining example of what confidence looks like for others to be inspired by!




Being a true creative spirit means expressing who you are via any artistic medium. To be creative, it helps to delve into your imagination, and envisage the beauty and spark of the world around you.


Creativity allows you to unveil your world with colour and inspiration. It allows you to see the world in a whole new way, giving you the passion to create and craft new ideas through your own self-expression. To make the world a magical, happier place to live in!


To be more creative, try a new artistic skill: like photography, music, singing, art or writing. Building upon your artistic side makes you appreciate the magic that can be created within you!




To build a sparkly essence in our personality, it helps to look on the bright side.


Being passionate and excited about things encourages you to be livelier and more vivacious, and so full of life! To be more sparkly, just be your authentic self. You can do this by surrounding yourself with a tribe of friends and family who love you, just as you are. By being comfortable in yourself, you can build your uniqueness, and do the things you want to do, without a care in the world! Just by being happy within yourself – in no time at all, you will glow and shine!




Being peaceful in life is one of the most unique traits we can have to build good mental health. When our mind is calm and serene, we feel like we are floating on a secret cloud, or on a lily


pad along a river - that only we can see and feel for ourselves. We can feel more peaceful by appreciating what nature brings. By taking a moment to “stop and smell the roses”. By taking a leisurely walk. By enjoying the sunlight, by noticing the trees and the flowers. By going to the beach and breathing in the salty fresh air.


The more we are outside, in nature’s serenity, we feel connected to all things.


The more we can embody its peaceful essence into our personality, the more we stand to feel more peaceful and tranquil within ourselves.




Learning the importance of taking care of ourselves is such an important virtue to embody in our lives. What you eat, how you exercise and how much you sleep counts towards good inner and outer health.


Self-care helps us present ourselves to the world with pride. This builds more self-confidence in ourselves, which in turn shows others how much we respect ourselves as well. Build your self-care by engaging in a sport, or by doing exercise classes at the gym.


Not only will it make you feel mentally and physically better, but you will meet like-minded people as well, to make it more social too.




Finally, having gratitude as a virtue is essential to our overall happiness. To appreciate our life, keeps us in a great frame of mind.


Being thankful for great friends, relationships, and family, builds the blocks and ripples to spread more positive energy - and like a boomerang, it can usually come back to us in receiving more good things! For if we are grateful for what we already have, then the rest is like icing on the cake! We should have gratitude because it keeps us in our happy place.


In giving thanks to our life, it ripples out more good vibrations, which in turn, spreads more positivity into our ever-changing world.


Building upon our virtues and character traits has the potential to inspire us and our children to be the best version of ourselves.


By taking time to help our kids build their self-awareness, and discover what their inner gifts are, they all have the potential to become superheroes of their own making.


So, cheers to all you amazing mums out there in our community, working hard and doing your best. May you celebrate International Women’s Day celebrating your virtues, values, and empowering thoughts with your children - right alongside you.



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