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We hope they love their goodies as much as we do! if you’re reading this, it’s likely you want to get to know your a little better! We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions and hope they provide the answers you’re looking for. if you need more support – we’re here for you! reach out to us at

about the range

Where are products made? products are researched, designed and tested in Australia and manufactured in China – in line with all relevant international standards and our stringent design specifications and quality standards (we’re pretty tough on ourselves so that you don’t have to be!) 

Are products BPA, Phthalates and PVC free?

We take our responsibility to kids and parents very seriously. all products are free from these nasties so you can have total confidence that when choosing, you are choosing products that are safe for your bubs and the environment. 

A bit of background… while not banned in Australia (as in the EU and USA), it is commonly accepted in the juvenile products industry that the use of plastics containing BPA, Phthalates or PVC are potentially harmful to infants and children, with links to developmental and hormonal issues and various cancers. 

Furthermore, PVC is a known carcinogen, is the least recyclable form of plastic and its manufacture has significant adverse environmental impacts due to the number of additives and processes it needs to undergo. it’s a no brainer! we stay away from these materials because keeping kids safe is our upmost priority.

Can I buy replacement parts for my items?

You sure can! 

Over time, with general use and washing (and kiddie bites, bumps, drops and knocks), some parts of your items may need replacing. You can refer to the spare partson our website for specific replacement parts you may need. 

If you are in need of a replacement straw, check our replacement straw packs.

about the PRODUCTS


Can I put warm liquid in the sippy cup?

In short, yes! 

Our new sippy cup is suitable for warm and cool liquids. However, if you have our older style sippy cup we recommend cool liquids only. They were not designed to serve warm liquids as the valve did not allow the warm air pressure to release – causing liquids to escape through the straw. 

Not ideal, we know! We listened and innovated to bring you the new sippy cup! 

How do I know if I have a new or an older style sippy cup?

It’s easy to tell the difference! our new cups have a matte finish lid, a sturdier silicone straw with a finger pull tab and a redesigned weight. Our older style cups have a shiny lid and a thinner silicone straw. see pics below for more guidance…

older style cups have a shiny lid and a thinner silicone straw

new sippy cups have a matte finish lid and a sturdier silicone straw with a finger pull tab

Can I put Juice or Carbonated drinks in the sippy cup 

Taking guidance from the Australian Dental Association (ADA), we wouldn’t recommend giving young kids carbonated drinks or juice due to the risk of tooth decay. 

In addition, carbonated drinks can cause pressure issues which may lead to leakage from the straw.

Can I place the sippy cup in the microwave?

In short, yes! 

The sippy cup base is microwave safe and you can place it directly into the microwave to warm milk or other liquids. never place the sippy cup lid with straw in the microwave as these are not microwave safe. 

Also, please refer to ‘can I put warm liquid in my sippy cup’ with regards to suitability for our various sippy cup styles. remember to always be cautious when serving warmed liquids to young kids, to ensure they are evenly heated and not too hot. as a guide, to warm milk – allow approx. 20 seconds per 180mls in the microwave. 

Why is my sippy cup leaking?

Sorry for the mess! 

First, you’ll need to determine where the leak is coming from.

If the leak is between the cup and lid, check that the silicone o-ring (that’s the silicone seal that sits in the groove under the lid) is securely in place. Simply press gently on the seal and run your finger around the rim. on occasion, with use and washing, the o-ring may slip out of place. you can watch our instructional video on how to insert an o-ring so that it is leak-proof.

Please note, there are two types of o-rings – one with a pull tab and one without

If your sippy cup has an o-ring with a pull tab, you’ll need to ensure that the tab sit on top of the rim so that it is securely in place and leak proof. All newly manufactured sippy cups have o-rings without pull tabs.

If your sippy cup is leaking from the straw, it’s likely you have an older style sippy cup that is leaking due to a build-up of pressure from serving warm liquids. Refer to ‘how do I know if my is the new style, or older style sippy cup?’. You can solve this by releasing the lid slightly to ease the build-up and then re-tighten the lid before serving. our new style sippy cup has an improved valve that is suitable for both warm and cool liquids.

If your sippy cup is still leaking through the straw it may be because your straw valve is damaged or worn out. this can occur from general wear and tear, from a chew-happy teething baby or from vigorous cleaning. the good news is, we have replacement straws available. 

Make sure you are extra careful when cleaning the straw as the valve can tear. We highly recommend using our cleaning brush set as contains various brushes to gently and thoroughly clean your straws and other bits and pieces.

How to remove the straw from OLD sippy cup?

To remove the straw, simply pull the base of the straw to the side with your thumb, and then pull down to release. to reinsert the straw, place the end through the opening in lid and pull firmly until the top ring is above the above the opening and the straw is securely in place. 

Watch the video below:

How to remove the straw from NEW sippy cup?

Firstly open the flip lid or remove it, then to remove the straw, place your finger through the pull tab and gently pull in a downward motion to release.

To re-insert, hold the straw at an angle with 2 fingers on the wider side of the straw top. Push the wider side of the straw through the opening in the lid. 

Then, pull the tip of the straw until it pops up through the lid. 

Make sure the entire triangular top of the straw passes through the lid so that your sippy cup is leak-proof. You can refer to our instructional video on how to insert and remove your weighted straw if you need a visual. hint: it’s at the 30 second mark!

Watch the video below

How do I effectively clean my sippy cup straw? 

good question! 

We recommend straws be thoroughly washed following each use with warm, soapy water. you can keep your straw squeaky clean using our straw cleaner, available here

Another alternative is our cleaning brush set. It has every brush you need to hygienically clean all your faves, on one handy ring.

We recommend inserting the cleaning brush from the bottom of the straw (you can remove the weight or leave on – whichever you prefer) and then the top and just gently massaging around the straw with your fingers rather than pushing the brushing back and forth. This method will ensure no damage is caused to the straw or valve.

If you don’t have a straw cleaner, you can fill your sippy cup base with hot water, attach the lid with the flip lid closed (and covering the straw). Shake vigorously and then, pointing the cup away from you, un-flip the lid so the pressure from the hot water will flush through straw. Then simply rinse clean or place in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can gently pinch the straw to expel any excess liquid and always allow your straw and other parts to dry completely before reassembling and putting away. 

Refer to our videos on caring for your new sippy cup and caring for your older style sippy cup.

How often do I need to replace the straw on my sippy cup?

That depends! 

The longevity of our straws will vary between kids; how old they are, how they drink, how often they drink, are they teething, do they chew their straw and so on. 

How delicately the straws are cleaned can also have an impact. 

As a general, anything over 6 months is standard with frequent use, and general wear & tear. some may last much longer, and others may need replacing sooner. when needed, you can find straw replacements for your sippy cup here

Why is the flip lid on my sippy cup popping off?

It shouldn’t! 

So it’s likely that the flip lid is on the wrong way. 

The clips on either side of the flip lid are of slightly varying sizes, as are the corresponding holes on each side of the cup. 

This means that sometimes they can be squeezed into the wrong holes (and end up being back-to-front) although it won’t feel quite right! try flipping your lid around and your problem should be solved.

Why is my bub having difficulty drinking from the sippy cup?

The straw on our new style sippy cup has a pressure valve (this is the magical piece that makes it leak-proof). 

Bubs need to place their lips over the whole straw (rather than just the tip) and press down on the straw, to open the valve and enable liquid to flow. 

This new design means the sippy cup can be used with both warm and cool liquids. 

All littlies are different – some adjust to the straw straight away and others need a bit more time. 

Encourage them to explore and they will get there!


How do I clean the travel bib?

When there are littlies involved, we know it’s going to get messy! firstly, where possible we recommend wiping excess food off the bib before folding it into catcher. 

Our new travel bib is machine washable – so once excess food is wiped or rinsed away you can simply drop it in the washing machine.

If you have an older style bib, we recommend you hand wash - it is not recommended to put these bibs in the washing machine as the coating and structure can’t handle it! if you need help working out if you have a new or older style bib, take a look at the examples below. 

old style travel bib

new style travel bib

always leave to air dry completely before rolling and zipping up – all bibs are made of quick drying materials so it won’t take long! tall spoons are dishwasher safe.

Can I put the OLD style travel bib in the washing machine?

It is not recommended to put these bibs in the washing machine as this may degrade coating and structure. 

Can I put the NEW style travel bib in the washing machine?

our new travel bib is machine washable – just rinse off excess food and pop in the machine. 

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