our design ethos

it’s a team effort

our team of product designers and engineers have designed and developed lots of fabulous, award winning b.box products in their time. some might think after 10 plus years of problem solving, our design team has it covered – that they’ve thought of it all.  but no – not a chance!   parenting challenges twist and turn over time – so we are constantly on the lookout for the next great idea to make parents and kids lives easier. 

award winning, innovative, creative products that work and look great. developed using consumer insights from the people who know best – you! 

we get it – parenting can be a mix of challenging and joyful – and everything in between.  we are excited to show you what our next big item 


we love brightening your day.

our design team are driven by innovation to help provide solutions for the everyday. everyday.

no matter what stage of your journey. we love a challenge.

we are unique in our design approach – focusing on function, aesthetics – bright, quality products you’re happy to see. and happy to use.


on the lookout for our next great idea

day in, day out, our design team are continually getting into the nitty gritty details.  how do we make the feeding and drinking journey fun? just what do kids want and what will it take to make kids eat their lunch, drink enough water, stay nourished and hydrated? little kids and big kids alike.

we are inspired by you – the chit chat in the schoolyard at drop off, the playdates in the park, the water cooler discussions about those sleepless nights or fussy eaters.

how can we help? that is our constant source of inspiration. 

our dedicated team of in-house designers rise to the challenge.  they start with an idea, then a sketch and go from there.  what comes next is a combination of design inspiration, consumer insight, engineering genius and functional realisation. 


let’s choose to reuse.

green is more than just a colour – it’s at the heart of our design philosophy.

we design products that help minimise reliance on single use plastics, produce replacement spare parts to help reduce landfill and environmental impact and communicate ways to effectively recycle or upcycle our products.

whether its reusing your spout cup base on the sippy cup or training cup, or replacing the straws instead of buying a new cup – we make it one of our key design principles to ensure as long a product life for each of our products as possible.  it’s about choosing to reuse. always.


continuous improvement

as some of our originals get older (double digits in fact), they are proving to stand the test of time. some as popular as ever. we keep testing, trialling, reviewing...does it still make your day easier? are you still having fun? we like to make sure.


memories last a lifetime.

we know the days can be long, but the years fly by. as your babies grow, we want to be there for the journey. 


we’d love to hear from you!   any great ideas?  any problems you need solved?  email customerservice@bbox.com.au – we’ll get on the case!