baby, let's twist!

our 360 cup lets kids sip from a super-soft silicone, lip-activated 360 ̊drinking rim.
it’s the ideal training cup as an alternative to, or a step-up from, a spout or straw
supporting independent drinking but with a twist!

lip activated

offering flow control (the firmer they press the more liquid will flow) and less spills, the silicone rim seals closed when not in use.

easy grip handles

ideal for little learners to grip and sip, and for taking on-the-go; simply twist handles up to lock and seal the rim.

no leaks!

offering clever two-mode function; twist handles down for drinking, twist handles up to seal, no leaks!

we're all learning!

Some tots will take to the 360 cup straight away and others
may need a few tries to get used to activating the silicone rim and flow.
Be patient folks and perhaps model it for them at first.
The handles are wide so that little learners can easily grip to lift
and so parents can lend a hand in those early days too.

For more info on how to use and care for your new 360 cup,
take a look at our how-to guide and it should cover it for you.