feel like you’re constantly in the kitchen? kids can eat a lot when they’re at home all day and we’ve all been there…that moment when your happy, well-behaved little superheroes turn into ravenous little villains, and you have moments to prepare something nutritious before evil hangry ensues!

if you need some easy to prepare, snack time inspo then we’ve got you covered with drinks and nibbles to keep little crusaders happy and healthy! but you need to move quick… the baddies are coming!

  • feeling thirsty? often, symptoms of mild dehydration are like those of hunger.

    and let’s face it, busy little crime-fighters don’t often have time to drink! remember to simply offer water first.

  • want to jazz it up? fruit punch (boom, bam!) is a fun way to hydrate superkids.

    just add yummy combo’s like raspberries and lime, strawberries and lemon, blueberries and orange – you get the drift. then watch kids have fun slurping and bobbing for hyper-healing super fruits! also, a great way to buy some time while you prepare something heartier.

  • ensure things roll smoothly with a smoothie! just choose your base (usually milk but coconut water just as yum!) and add seasonal fruits. spice it up with some cinnamon and honey and whiz.

    try out a few to find your little champs favourite flavor.

  • combat hangry with yoghurt and toppings.

    serve up some quality greek yoghurt and let kids help themselves to toppings of choice – offer chopped seasonal fruits, tasty tinned fruits, nuts or seeds are a great option if allergies aren’t an issue and occasionally some cheeky treats like choc chips or mini marshmallows.

    one to enjoy together, but get it quick because it will soon be invisible!

  • swing their capes around and voila – it’s an apron! kids can help in the kitchen with some easy, breezy pancakes.

    combine 1 egg, 1 cup of self-raising flour and 1 cup of milk and you’re ready! of course, you can add some extra goodness here like mashed banana or grated apple.

    then pour, flip and serve with maple syrup and fresh fruit. super yum!

mission accomplished.

evil hangry has been conquered and your little superheroes will reign into the afternoon! these are just a few of many healthy recipes you can whip up quickly and easily using everyday pantry staples.

if they start to lose their powers, don’t panic. you can find more inspiration simply by following spiderman to the web!

about the author:

marie sarantos

a happy (mostly!) mama of three. Spends her days searching for the perfect balance between being a full-time mama, part-time b.box wordsmith and dedicated coffee consumer. Understands how hectic work and life can be and uses this mantra to live simply: The plan is, there is no plan, just stay as informed as you possibly can. Make choices to suit your family and you. And never apologise for seeing it through. Also, affectionately known as Mama Marie for her random acts of nerdy mumsiness and life mantras!

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