nappy collectiveNappies are expensive, right? Which is why we buy in bulk. But then what do you do when your baby has grown and you’re left with un-used but unwanted nappies? You know the ones - there are 3 in the cupboard under the bathroom sink, two in your glove box and half a packet under the spare bed.

Well, here's an idea: why not give them to charity? And I have the perfect one, just for you. It's called The Nappy Collective, and was set up by a group of Aussie mums who didn't know what to do with their unused nappies, but knew that they didn't want to throw them away. So they pooled them together, set up a Facebook page, and got everyone else to donate their spare nappies too. Then they gave the whole lot to charity.

You can't do much with a handful of nappies, but your handful, plus my handful, plus her handful, together, can make a huge difference to some mums. The first donation of nappies from The Nappy Collective went to mums and bubs at a Melbourne refuge from domestic violence, and was very well received indeed. In fact, now there are ten refuges marked for receiving nappies, as well as a group of vulnerable young mums. Indeed The Nappy Collective's Moran Dvir, “donating unused nappies assists these families to focus on longer term, deeper care of their children by relieving them of short term challenges and stress.”

Since the first donation of 1,519 nappies, mums in need have been calling out for more collections and more collection sites. The Nappy Collective now has 15 collection sites across Victoria and 4 in Sydney, and is due to expand to Queensland and WA by July. They have a fabulous new website, a very busy Facebook page and a number of corporate sponsors and supporters, including But there is always room for more!

The good news is that The Nappy Collective's next collection is on NOW, and lasts until March 2. So search your house, your car and your handbag, check out The Nappy Collective's website or Facebook page for collection venues, and get rid of those unwanted nappies once and for all. And tell your friends. The Nappy Collective is open for business!

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