legoangelThere's a piece of Lego stuck in the plug hole of my kitchen sink, and everyone in the house denies responsibility for it. None of my children seems to have seen it before and, upon interrogation, insist that they don't even like Lego, that they never touch the stuff, and that ever since I said “Don't leave your Lego lying around the house", they have packed what Lego they do possess clean away! Yeah right! Even the 5 year old, who recently ordered a Lego-themed birthday party claims to have no interest in the stuff. Apparently it's boring, and I didn't buy the right stuff anyway, so it's not his “reponsivility”. Perhaps it's my husband's fault that there is a piece of Lego clogging my sink. He denies it of course, but sometimes I swear he has a mental age of six-and-a-half; and you know what mischief they get up to at that age. The more he denies it, the more I think it must be him. That's certainly the way it works on cop shows, and he does have a guilty face. Lego and I had a falling out a number of years ago, and whilst we're civil to one another when we meet (usually all over the playroom floor) I make no effort to interact with it. Lego has a habit of turning up uninvited, all over my house and my car. It appears as soon as I've vacuumed, and throws itself with gay abandon all over my carpet. Lego is always in my spot on the sofa, keeps getting jammed in my washing machine, and lazes about all day on my lawn, my kitchen table, and frequently even in my bed! It wouldn't surprise me, therefore, if the piece of Lego that is now sticking out of my plughole jumped up on my kitchen bench, and dived right into the sink, just for a laugh. Arghhhhhhhhhh!

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