Choosing a baby name is a delicate art. It's a tricky process as you don't want anything too wacky or embarrassing. But at the same time, many people want to veer away from the conventional Jane, Tom, Dick or Harry. No offense to anyone with those names.

Celeb baby names are always closely followed, never more so than with the hysteria over Kate Middleton and Prince William's choice of 'George' for the next crown prince of England. Then of course there was 'Kimye,' who pushed the envelope with the moniker 'North West' for their daughter, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who named their newborn 'Axl Jack.'

Remember, while you might think your child is your own version of a miracle, it pays not to call them that, especially if you alter the spelling to 'Myrakil' - it happens. In general, avoid misspelled words as names, for example Illujhyn or Lushiz. Imagine the trouble your child's future teachers will have during roll call? It's just not right.

It's probably better not to name your baby after trends or characters, either. Katniss has become a popular name due to the frenzy around 'The Hunger Games,' but how will this resonate in 10 or 20 years' time? What about all those kids who were named Trinity after the Matrix went big in popular culture? These names might seem cool at the time, but when your little boy is 20 years old and goes by the name of Gandalf, he might not be so happy.

Another thing to keep in mind is how your baby's chosen name will fit in with your last name. Ellen Mellon, for instance. Rhyming is also rarely a good idea - you're simply making it too easy for those mean kids on the playground.

Also look out for what your child's initials will spell out in the end. Whether you're into monogramming or not, you don't want your Sarah Taylor Davis to be abbreviated into STD or Daniel Owen Gallagher spelling out DOG.

Then again, we don't want 8 million Emilys running around either (though it's a lovely name!). When getting creative with your choice, just make sure to stay within the parameters of what will ensure your child success at every stage of life.

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