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Laying your baby down for sleep each night can be a challenge, and the ever-imposing threat and concern over sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can make this ritual that much more difficult for many new mums and dads

The loss of a baby through stillbirth or during the first year of life is a terrifying prospect, and unfortunately it occurs in more than 3,500 families in Australia each year, according to SIDS and Kids, an organisation working to prevent SIDS.

Although there is no known cause for SIDS, this group and others have determined that safe sleeping practices are key for helping to prevent these tragic deaths. However, there are also plenty of myths out there that may have parents worrying unnecessarily when they put their babies down for a nap.

Here are some common myths busted so you can keep your baby safe and perhaps soothe some of your fears about SIDS:

MYTH: Sleeping on the back is harmful.

Placing an infant to sleep on her back is the key recommendation doctors make to help prevent SIDS, since it has been determined that stomach sleeping increases the risk. Some believe that sleeping on the back puts an infant at a greater risk of choking and that it could flatten her head. This is untrue. Flat spots on the back of baby's head will go away after a few months of sitting up on her own, and doctors agree that there's no increased choking risk when babies sleep on their backs.

MYTH: I can never put baby on her stomach.

Although baby should be on her back for nap and bedtime, it is safe to place your infant on her stomach when she is awake and someone is watching her. In fact, "tummy time" is important for babies to develop their head, neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.

MYTH: Side sleeping is safe.

Placing a baby on her side to sleep is not as safe as placing her on her back, since she could roll and end up on her stomach, putting her at greater risk for SIDS.

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