We are delighted that b.box is featured in the current issue of Your baby, one of South Africa's leading baby magazines. We're included under the What's Hot in 2010 section - design innovations. b.box has proven extremely popular with South African consumers since it launched in October last year. Here we meet one of our SA stockists - Lauren Crofton from Kids Emporium - one of the fastest growing kids concept stores in the country. Here's how Lauren answered our b.box pop quiz. How long have you been in business? I have been an entrepreneur for almost eight wonderful years. What did you do before you started your business? I was working for a company that designed and manufactured the interiors of mainstream and boutique retail. What makes your business unique? Everything - where to start!? It really comes down to our wide variety of innovative products, backed by an all important quality service. We consider ourselves one of the leaders in this industry and enjoy paving the way for innovative products and practical solutions for parenting. What do you love most about what you do? Its difficult to pinpoint one particular aspect. I have the best of both worlds. As an entrepreneur I have been fortunate enough to create my business around my family. When taking the plunge of starting my own company, there were many things I didn't want to do ie. traffic, having to wear high heels and deal with a boss. I have set up our head office from an awesome loft (with a great view) which happens to be above my home (traffic is never a problem). I get to spend my day with a wonderful team of staff who all enjoy a good cup of coffee and have a great sense of humour. I am able to have professional meetings and attend my daughter's school events, without having to answer to anyone. Furthermore our business focuses on new and innovative products in the parenting industry - I get to spend a great deal of time seeing what's new in the industry and meeting really interesting and creative designers who are developing products to take this industry to an international level. I also enjoy dealing with my franchisees who are a fantastic team of like minded people who are as passionate about their day as I am. Lastly I market a brand that I love - what more could I ask for. Where’s your favourite way of sourcing new products? When I started Kids Emporium, I sourced 16 designers that I felt would give us the variety we needed. We are now host to over 90. I can honestly say that although we are continuously on the scout, 90% of the time, we are literally thrown products, hence we seldom need to do a scout. What’s your favourite time of the day? I don't think I have a particular 'favourite time'. I enjoy most of my day generally. I really enjoy being woken up with a yum cup of coffee from my husband. What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received? As a parent, we are thrown great advice from the media, doctors, clinics, friends, family etc. In good old fashioned Frank Sinatra style, I can honestly say: "I did it my way". I think it's important to listen to all resources, evaluate and then select the option that bests suits you and your child. If you could become any character from a children’s story, who would you be and why? I am not really the 'princessy' type .. so I would have to go with Alice in Wonderland. Her world is creative, filled with loads of interesting characters and she got to go on a wonderful journey and still ended up at home - what a pleasure. Who inspires you? I am inspired by most positive things in my day. I am one of those people who probably think too much. I am inspired by my children, my family, the people that I meet and sometimes the simplest thing - a catchy song, a clever quote, an interesting mail. Might as well take it all in. Who lives under your roof? My husband, Ror, my daughter Toni (6 years), my son Rourke (2 years), my two dogs, Bingo and Billy and a few goldfish that get to watch our family in action.

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