As your baby reaches the milestone of starting solids, winter can present unique challenges. With fewer fresh fruits and vegetables available, ensuring your little one receives adequate nutrition can become tricky. However, this season also offers a bounty of winter produce perfect for creating warm, comforting, and nutritious purees. This blog will guide you through whipping up delicious winter puree recipes and selecting the best products for feeding on the go.

5 easy purees for winter weaning:

1. sweet potato and pear puree

ingredients: sweet potatoes, pears

This delicious puree uses sweet potatoes and pears to provide a nutrient-rich meal, full of vitamins A and C, which are essential during the colder months. The natural sweetness and smooth texture are perfect for babies. Find the full recipe on MadeForMums here

2. banana and avocado puree

ingredients: banana, avocado

A delightful combination of banana and avocado offers a creamy texture and a rich source of healthy fats ideal for baby's brain development. This puree is also packed with fibre and vitamins. Find the full recipe on Kidspot here

3. pea and zucchini puree

ingredients: peas, zucchini

Peas and zucchini are excellent for baby purees due to their high content of vitamins C and K. They are especially good for winter when babies need extra protection against sickness. This green puree is not only healthy but also has a pleasant, mild flavour. Kidspot provides a great version of this recipehere

4. broccoli, chicken and sweet corn puree

ingredients: broccoli, chicken and sweet corn

This puree is a fantastic source of protein and is perfect for babies ready to try meats. The sweet corn adds a natural sweetness that complements the chicken well, making it a nutritious and appealing meal for little ones. Recipe details are on Tastehere

5. cauliflower and broccoli puree

ingredients: cauliflower, broccoli

Packed with minerals and vitamins, this green vegetable puree is ideal for boosting your baby’s immune system and overall health. The greens are mild enough for baby's palate while being nutrient-dense. Check out Taste for the recipehere

Keeping Purees Warm

Nothing beats having a warm meal ready for your baby, especially during outings in the cold winter months. The Insulated Food Jar Mini is your perfect companion for preserving the temperature of homemade purees. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it maintains the warmth of meals for hours. Plus, its leak-proof design ensures no mess in your nappy bag.



Feeding on the Go

Say goodbye to the fuss of traditional squeezy pouches and packaged baby foods with fill + feed. With our fill + feed, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, homemade meals on the go, reducing waste and making feeding time a breeze. This reusable clear silicone food pouch features a wide opening, making it simple to fill with freshly made fruit or veg purees, yogurt, custard, and more—all with less mess. The ergonomically shaped pouch is perfect for little hands to hold, squeeze, and intuitively suck and sip from the angled spout tip. It pairs seamlessly with a silicone spoon for those early days of parent-led feeding.



An attached contrasting cap keeps the spout clean and seals the pouch to prevent leaks in baby bags or prams, ensuring that mealtime remains clean and convenient. Moreover, the fill + feed completely disassembles for thorough cleaning and is both dishwasher and steriliser safe.

Available on its own or in our Baby Weaning Bundle with the fill + freeze, experience the ease of fuss-free fresh food wherever your day takes you!




As you embark on the journey of introducing solids to your baby during the colder months, the right recipes and tools can make all the difference. This guide offers a variety of nutritious and tasty purees that harness the goodness of seasonal produce, ensuring your little one gets the vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy.

With the practical solutions provided by the Insulated Food Jar Mini and the innovative fill + feed reusable pouch, feeding your baby wholesome, homemade meals on the go has never been easier. Embrace these winter weaning strategies and products to ensure your baby's mealtime is not only nourishing but also enjoyable and mess-free. Remember, each spoonful contributes to a healthy foundation for your baby's diet, setting the stage for a lifetime of good eating habits.

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