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Coffee is my drug. No, it really is! My addiction to coffee started while at uni in America, happily buying Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with sugary creamed milk around the corner from my apartment. Fast forward to today –before I can fully open my eyes as a fully functioning human, I duck out to buy my extra hot, tall weak latte special.


Then the eyerolls and mockery ensue – from those coffee aficionados that dare to burst my bubble of glee. They attesting that weak lattes are simply defined as ‘glorified milkshakes’ than actual ground coffee. With a smile and a dash of sweetener, I tend to disagree. My morning take-away makes me happy and ready to take on the world (and my kids!)


So, this niggling thought about my precious weak latte addiction made me put on my thinking cap (a challenging task considering we may have been up late  with crying bubs, or dealing with a midnight feed projectile vomit, or a dreaded 5:30am wake up…  all in a 12 hour period…sigh!)


Sorry... I got distracted…Probably because I haven’t had my tall weak latte yet.


In honour of international coffee day, I thought it would be fun to see ... if the coffee we choose to drink, in fact, says something about our personality! Most of us prepare or order our favourite coffee brew without giving it a second thought and have most probably been drinking the same kind for many years.


So, have you ever wondered why you prefer a certain type of coffee over another?


For instance, my penchant for an extra hot weak latte gives me the much-needed boost for the day ahead in order to wrangle those kiddies of mine. Most coffee drinkers can probably attest to more benefits too. It satiates hunger pangs during the day. It keeps us feeling stable, happy, and pleasant. It gives us energy and zest. It tastes good!


Are there facts to back this up?


You bet! According to the BEHCC (behavioural experts for human consumption of coffee… it’s a thing!), they can reveal ...


what your choice of coffee brew says about you


Your favourite coffee can reveal a lot about the person you are – your likes, dislikes and much more. In one interesting study for instance, cold coffee drinkers are more inclined to scroll through their Instagram, while hot coffee drinkers are more active on Facebook. And apparently those who love cold brews and iced coffees are more likely to prefer warm weather, binge-watch science-fiction programs and are more likely to be part of the ‘keeping’ it real’ Gen-Z crowd.


Depending on your personality, you can match a choice of brew according to your persona. And it can be fun! For instance, are you easy-going or do you micro-manage every minute-to-minute detail in your life? Are you cruisy, flighty, or breezy; or are you high-strung with impatience? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you an optimist, or a pessimist? Calm, or a little cray-cray?   


Whether you are a black coffee lover or a flat-white enthusiast, a seasoned barista can probably tell a lot about you just by looking at your choices of coffee. Intrigued?


let’s explore what your coffee brew says about you

black coffee

black coffee

personality type: the old-school type

According to the coffee and behavioural experts, black coffee drinkers are considered to have a single-minded personality like the order – a little old-school: liking to keep things simple, efficient, and straightforward.

Just like your strong jolt of heavenly bold, black, and unsweetened brew— you may also be a no-nonsense type of person: set in your ways, strong-willed at times and resistant to change. Interestingly, you may also wish to steer clear of conflict, and stick to your pure order for its strong health and dietary benefits; leaning towards the drinker being a bit more focused and determined to stay healthy.

espresso coffee


Personality type: the international person of mystery type

When I think of an Espresso drinker – I picture someone alone, mysterious type, lurking in the corner of the café reading the newspaper – sipping from a tiny glass cup. But is this judgement of mine true to form? Perhaps. Espresso lovers are known to be quite adventurous and erm, powerful even. A strong character type, you know what you want and are not afraid to ask for it. And for the double espresso types? Like James Bond, you are the same kind that will strut into a bar asking for a shot of whiskey, rum or eye-popping mezcal. The Espresso drinker equates to the John Wayne personality – the straight talking, shoot-from-the-hip kind of person.


cappuccino coffee



Personality type: the go-getting type

Hello fun Cappuccino drinkers, you know who you are! With your warm, foamy mug of happy, you guys are slightly more adventurous than us sugar-loving latte drinkers, always looking for a jolt of fun and daring excitement – ready to rock n’ roll and fly towards life’s more unknown destinations. If there is a new place or skill to be had, it is calling your name! Open-minded, always up for a laugh, and leaning towards the finer things in life, you social beings crave honesty, and love stay motivated and super-duper creative: preferring the variety and spice of life in cappuccino flavours of caramel, hazelnut, mocha, and chocolate!

flat white


latte and flat white enthusiast

Personality type: the happy-go-lucky type

According to the BEHCC, latte and flat white drinkers (that’s me!) are simple kind of folk. We avoid complication to stay happy in our bubble of flow. Unadventurous. Mild-mannered. Agreeable. And happy with our overdose of milk and a dash of sugar rush.

And who can blame us? Life is meant to be enjoyed. Us latte lovers – are like an open book. We like to stay in our happy place, and we tend to exhibit a happy-go-lucky attitude. In short – we love to soften the bitter blows of life: in a cloud of milk.

Let’s face it, people find us latte folk fun to be around and breezy to hang with. We aren’t bothered by what other’s think of us. Life is for our enjoyment. Apparently, we are also helpful, open, and generous too. A con? We may choose to please others too much, to the detriment of our own needs.

iced coffee


iced coffee and frappuccino

Personality type: the peppy spontaneous type

If you love your coffee cold, along with all the oozy, sugary goodness of caramel and tons of whipped cream, then voila –a trendsetter you are! You have a habit of seeing the silver lining in every cloud and are also young at heart. You love to try new things and can be risqué at times.

With you, there is no dull moments. Your peppy imagination and spontaneous nature keep everyone smiling from ear-to-ear. They tend to be unconventional. They often go against the grain and love playing by their own rules. Oh, and they often have that ‘I am different, daring and hear-me-roar kind of attitude too! Bless you guys!

grounded coffee



Personality type: the mindful, slow living type

Coffee that is ethically grown and can be more costly, but you extroverted co-op folk are all up for its benefits and special connection to the environment and planet! And not only that – but sustainably brewed ground coffee also requires a lot of patience, which makes it a favourite for those of you who are, patient, dependable and carefully considered attitude towards the impact of the planet. You are environmentally minded also have a sensible personality, and your friends may run to you when needing sound advice. You are seen as a voice of wisdom and are unlikely to do anyone any harm.  

instant coffee


instant coffee

Personality type: the now-is-the-time type

Instant coffee drinkers may be thought of as boring, but the BEHCC thinks you are actually quite pleasant, tending to be pretty laid back. Cons? You might be poor at planning or have a habit of procrastinating, due to your penchant for taking each day as it comes and so tend not to plan too much either. You love living in the present and prioritise your happiness above all else. You tend to multi-task well and spend wisely too, preferring instant comforts, and having an optimistic outlook on life.

Keen to find out what your coffee brew says about you?  Whether its straight up black, a flat white, a weak or skinny latte, an instant, ground, an espresso, or an iced coffee you are after, go ahead, grab a brew, have a laugh and share this fun blog with your friends, family and co-workers this international coffee day. You’ll be glad you did! 

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