Are dribbling, drooling and painful gums starting to appear on your baby's agenda? Are you noticing a touch of irritability teamed with superpower finger-chewing actions? Cue the cool compresses and bring out the teething rings!

Welcome to your baby's teething journey: where sleepless nights combined with swollen gums, are all signs of their teeth starting to sprout.

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Keen to soothe your teething baby and breeze through this topsy-turvy period? This month, we've collected a list of tips, strategies, and products to guide you through the roller-coaster-ride of your new teething journey ... to bring a source of relief, and more sleep ... to you and your baby!


Get ready, get set, and let's get on with the show: here are the top ten ways to soothe your teething tot!


Top 10 ways to soothe your teething tot


1. give them something cool to chew on

Before and after feedings or mealtimes, opt for a chewable toy to soothe sore gums. Look no further with our latest range of teething rings: with fun-loving characters! Meet our adorable little fox wrist teether, or alternatively, our monster mash of trio teethers, to wrangle with! So safe to cool in the fridge, and wash in the top layer of the dishwasher, these sustainable, eco-driven products will stand the test of time: for baby's entire teething period, not to mention provide many hours of sensory delights – to soothe sensitive gums and uplift your baby's mood!


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2. massage baby's gums

Using a well-washed clean finger, massage baby's gums gently. Putting pressure on their budding gums can ease teething pain greatly and can be a great test to see if baby's gums are in a state to chew food, alleviating your worry before feeding time begins.


3. wet a textured washcloth with cold water

Keen to find a quick-fix soothing alternative? Wet a clean textured washcloth with cold water, wring it dry, and give it to your baby to chew. It will offer added relief by creating friction and relieve inflammation of the gums as your baby gnaws on its bundle of coolness. For an even quicker fix, a frozen washcloth will also do the trick. Just take it out to thaw slightly and shake out any icy bits so as not to harm your little one's gums. Then just let your baby nibble it to get some well-earned relief.


4. apply coolness to soothe inflamed gums

Are you knee-deep in baby's laundry, have older tots running around, and haven't a wet washcloth to spare? Throw that mamma's guilt aside and don't panic - use a clean, cold spoon and rub the smooth part of it gently against baby's tender gums! Refrigerated or not, this method will not only save you time; but it will give your body a well-earned rest: for the moment anyway!


5. feed them some cold puréed fruit

Is your tot resisting food due to sore gums? Guess what: there are some comforting and nutritious alternatives that are so easy for your baby to eat-while cooling their gum inflammation at the same time! Provided your baby is ready for solids, fresh puréed apples and pears, even plain yogurt cooled in the fridge are a lovely soft choice. Great as a snack, not to mention a refreshing way to soothe aching gums.


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baby puree in fill and freeze


6. make teething icy poles

Ok. So, your 6-month-old baby is refusing to eat while teething due to extreme discomfort. You are now getting quite desperate and emotional. What to do? The answer?

Icy poles!

Using breastmilk or formulae: keep your beloved baby nourished and hydrated while tempering those gums by making milk or formula icy poles. Simply freeze breastmilk in ice cube trays, followed by placing the frozen cubes in one of our hygienic fresh food feeders! The same can be done for cold fruits and cooled steam veggies. Simply place inside the mesh and let baby explore the tastes and textures, without the mess! Fill it with frozen fruit, like bananas and peaches to soothe baby’s sensitive gums. Remember, icy poles can get messy while melting, so if you're out and about – slip on one of our travel bibs on your bubba, place a washable mess mat under the highchair, and let baby go rogue while gnawing on the coolness of your masterful creations!


7. keep baby’s face dry

To keep teething skin rashes at bay from your baby's mouth, chin, and cheeks, keep a slightly damp cloth with you to wipe away drool from baby's chin. It will not only provide comfort and prevent skin irritation but will provide immense relief for your baby and less overnight dramas – knowing there is one less thing to worry about!


8. refrigerate a dummy

For relief before a nap, or in between feeds, chilling a dummy (if baby uses one) will make life so much easier ... especially in the witching hours, or shall we mention ... the wee hours of the night? There is nothing so soothing for baby than a cool dummy - the perfect way to numb those mind-bending teething troubles.


trio teether 

9. natural teething gels

Whether it's Bonjela, or a natural teething gel you are after, and depending on the level of sleep you so desperately wish to reclaim, teething gels are a great, safe way to soothe sore gums after baby reaches the 3-month-mark. Simply rub a pea-sized quantity of gel to the affected area and follow all health directions- best guided by your GP or health professional.


And lastly...


10. keep baby close

Remember: there is nothing more soothing than mummy's cuddles to keep baby calm and serene. So, in these joy-filled, topsy-turvy, temporary moments: just keep baby close. Strap on a papoose wrap or baby sling; walk around the house; breeze through your household chores; go out to order that well-deserved latte and give yourself a huge pat on the back. Enjoy these priceless moments: with you and your precious bundle of joy.

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