Eek, the countdown to Christmas is officially on! Whether the thought has you jumping for holiday joy or slowly bringing out your resting ‘grinch face’, one thing we know for sure is, it’s time: to start planning what Christmas gifts you’re going to buy for the entire family – including your babies, toddlers, and kids! 

But if the thought of trawling through the aisles of Target, Kmart, or David Jones to find some valuable stocking stuffers makes you want to run and hide to a planet far, far away (to escape the impending crowds and mayhem) then perhaps it’s time to consider our popular stocking stuffers!

Ho, ho, ho! Instead of gifting our kids with excess: including games, gadgets, toys, dolls, clothes, and sports equipment they already have enough of - we’ve got an alternative. This Christmas, choose an approach to holiday gift giving that will put a smile on our child’s dials  with fun and functional gift ideas, for little and big kids.


top 10 gift guide: for babies, toddlers, and kids


new baby

A new bundle of joy has arrived, awwwww!  It’s likely that clothes, toys and contraptions have already been carefully thought out and extensively purchased. What else would a new parent appreciate to cherish their newborn baby? With these two gift ideas below you’ll be channeling the warm, gushy feeling of tons of TLC! body range


1. new baby skin care bundle

Natural bathing + skin care essentials suitable from birth and ideal as baby grows.  Including washes, lotions and a nappy barrier cream it’s got everything a new baby needs, mindfully formulated and dermatologically tested for suitability on all skin types. Vegan friendly, cruelty free, and proudly Australian made. And infused with essential oils, to leave baby feeling and smelling just divine. This stunning set comes in a giftable cloth bag, that is reusable (for keeping all those little baby bits tidy), to help make baby's bath time a beautiful bonding experience, every day.


Check it out here trio teether


2. teething relief for tots

Teething babies love to chew. Introducing the wrist teether and the trio teether.  Both teethers are made from non-toxic, food grade materials great for soothing bubs and for helping a new mama or papa out on their parenting journey!


wrist teether

Made from soft, food grade silicone, the wrist teether can be used to help provide relief throughout the various stages of the teething journey. Lightweight and easy to hold, the bracelet slips comfortably over baby’s hand and wrist for the ultimate multi-sensory experience and added hygiene, so bubs can nibble and chew during those tedious teething moments, without constantly dropping the teether.


Check it out here


trio teether

Three textured teethers on one handy ring - offering the choice of silicone and beechwood throughout the teething journey. Lightweight and easy to hold, it can be used individually or as a set, with a customisable ring attachment to provide relief to sore, achy gums and stimulate sensory development. Suitable from 3m and designed to grow with baby: with soft silicone ideal for early stages of teething, medium silicone featuring coarser textures and longer features to relieve the middle mouth, and beechwood offering firm pressure with protruding features to comfortably reach the back of bubs mouth.


Check it out here



At this stage, a bub may be crawling, grasping for toys, eating some pureed foods and (hopefully!) sleeping through the night. And … they might also be ready to drink more fluids like water and wish to hold their own drink bottle. They may also wish to feed themselves independently. To support baby’s developments at this very exciting and enjoyable stage, we have these fun and functional gifting ideas.


child with sippy cup


3. their first sippy cup

Our award-winning sippy cup is the ideal transition cup from bottle/breast feeding to milk in a cup whether at home or on the go, for bubs aged 6m+. Featuring our innovative weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle bubs is tilted. The sippy cup ensures that tots can drink to the very last drop, whether lying down, standing, or seated; encouraging independent drinking with easy-grip handles and simple flip-top lid. And the straw has a unique two-way valve, ensuring easy drinking and no leaks, even with warm water. So, all you need to do is pick a colour!


Check it out here


baby with silicone fresh food feeder


4. support first feeds with a silicone fresh food feeder

The silicone fresh food feeder lets bubs enjoy self-feeding in a fun and safe way. Tots as young as 4m can enjoy melon, soft fruits, cool steamed veggies and more, yum!

Simply twist the easy click-lock ring to open, fill the silicone feeder with food, pop it back on and enjoy! Our unique tripod design lets bubs hold it with one or two hands, or parents can give a lending hand too. Plus, the unique tripod design stands up when you put it down, keeping the feeder clean and hygienic. A truly unique, fun and functional addition to any bubs feeding journey!


Check it out here



By this stage, a toddler is commonly known to be talking, bustling with energy, running around, and exploring the world around them. And even though the ‘terrible twos’ may start to ensue, we’ve thought of your sanity, mama. We’ve created the perfect on the go feeding and hydration gifts with just the right feeding utensils to make your toddler feel like they are sitting on top of the world!


toddler with roll + go mealtime mat


5. take toddler feeding on the go, with a roll + go mealtime mat

Baby and toddler feeding is a journey… just roll with it! Our  roll + go mealtime mat is your bowl + plate in one… and your key to hassle-free mealtimes! This unique and travel-friendly mealtime system lets parents unroll the mat onto tabletops or highchair surfaces and they’re good to go. The non-slip base keeps food in place and when done simply pack up, roll up and go.

A built-in curved edge bowl supports weaning and independent feeding. Suitably sized for wet foods such as yoghurt, pureed vegetables and soups, the soft silicone edges are the perfect partner for the included deep scooped spoon – soft enough to help collect food or wipe away any access. And the three-section divider keeps foods separate for learners and fussy eaters alike.

Don’t forget the h2O - our mealtime mat includes space for a sippy cup!


Check it out here


toddler with insulated drink bottle


6. a handy insulated drink bottle

We've redefined cool with a 350ml drink bottle that has insulating superpowers! The double walled stainless steel keeps liquids cool for up to 8 hours and warm for up to 6, so now your little one can stay hydrated whatever the weather. Complete with carry handle and push button opening, designed specifically for little hands!

With a clean modern design and big kid aesthetic, kids also love our easy drinking silicone straw top, while parents love no leaks in the bag (when the lid is closed).


Check it out here



With today’s busy and varied lifestyle, preschoolers want the world  (and their ipad!) - but what they really need is a whole different story! Think hydration bottles for kindy, and for school holiday activities. A backpack, lunchbox or even a drink bottle for the new preschool year could be the ultimate gift for little ones. Think outside the box - and meet our new variety of fun + functional cool!


preschooler with mini lunchbox spidey range


7. their first lunchbox, make it a mini

Our mini lunchbox may be compact, but it has plenty of space for healthy whole food lunch options. For instance, the flexi whole fruit holder stretches around fruit so you can secure large fruits inside the lunchbox. 2 leak-proof compartments seal separately so packing a mixture of wet and dry foods such as puree, yoghurt and dips has never been easier.

The removable divider slides easily enabling you to adjust the compartment size for the ultimate in mix and match. The soft, easy grip integrated carry handle can be used for packing in and out of the schoolbag and the large clip is suitable for small fingers and encourages independence.


Check it out here tritan drink bottle


8. an easy sip drink bottle

Made from Tritan™, our unique 450ml kids’ drink bottle is ideal for preschoolers and school kids because it is super durable.  Its unique triangle shape bottle is designed specifically for little hands, making it easier for kids to grip. Easy push button pops open the lid, keeping straw tops hygienic when closed and never goes astray. Spill-proof bite valve straw top prevents accidental spills. Robust carry handles make it easy for kids to carry and remove them out of school bags. Its angled silicone straw lets kids drink to the very last drop and stay hydrated throughout the day.


Check it out here


school kid

As kids grow, and the routines of school and afternoon activities start calling – school-aged kids will most probably be needing a functional lunchbox, handy lunchbag or even a cool sports drink bottle for those end of year championships for your budding sports stars! lunchbox in graphite colour


9. a new lunchbox

Kids love different choices throughout the day, so how about a bento style lunchbox that offers parents and kids more flexibility.

The lunchbox features a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich. Plus, sitting underneath the tray is an included gel cooler pack to keep food fresher and cooler for longer. Or remove the sandwich tray and the compartment now easily fits pasta and salads.

Its unique flexi whole fruit holder lets you store a whole apple, as the stretchy seal bends around the shape of your fruit – no need to cut fruit into smaller sizes! Leak-proof silicone seals let you store wet foods like watermelon and yoghurts (no liquids).

The custom divider slides across enabling parents to adjust the compartment size as they need or remove it to fit a whole banana or wrap.


Check it out here insulated lunchbag in lilac rain


10. a handy lunchbag

Keep food cooler and fresher for longer with a versatile lunchbag. Our insulated lunch bag has been designed to fit a variety of lunch combo’s: lunchbox, mini lunchbox and snackbox, mini lunchbox and insulated food jar, snackbox and insulated food jar … plus more! The hygienic, seamless interior base provides for an easy and thorough clean and the breathable side pockets keeps drink bottles in place.


Check it out here



Get started today with our top 11 Christmas gift picks for babies, toddler and kids – and you’ll be sleighin’ Christmas in no time! Can't work out which gift to choose? Purchase a gift card and give them the gift to choose all on their own!

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