Ah, winter—the season of beanies, scarves, cosy blankets, and... the eternal quest to keep your kids warm, fed, and hydrated as they transform into chilled little adventurers! While the chilly air might whisper tales of hibernation, your children are more likely to be plotting their next playground escapade.

Our guide is here to arm you with the ultimate winter survival kit for kids who are more likely to run through the leaves than sit still.We've scoured the earth (and endured many a muddy puddle) to bring you the gear that keeps little ones hydrated and nourished, making the cold a friend, not a foe.

hydration heroes: insulated drink bottles

500ml insulated drink bottle—perfect for playtime thirst quenchers

Insulated Drink Bottle

Whether your child is jumping in piles of leaves or conquering the playground, the 500ml Insulated Drink Bottle is your best bet for keeping them hydrated.

This bottle is specifically designed to meet the hydration needs of children in the schoolyard, keeping drinks at the perfect temperature—warm for up to 15 hours or cold for up to 8 hours—thanks to its triple-layer insulating superpowers.

Its one-handed press button opening makes it easy for little hands to access drinks independently, and the leak-proof lid with an integrated carry handle adds a layer of convenience for kids on the move.

1L insulated flip top drink bottle—ultimate all-day hydration

For older children who spend long days out on winter adventures, the 1L Insulated Flip Top Drink Bottle is your go-to hero. This giant bottle can keep beverages cold for up to 46 hours, ensuring your child has access to refreshing drinks all day.

The user-friendly flip-top lid and stainless steel straw allow for easy, spill-free sipping, which is essential during active play. Additionally, the bottle is designed with a flexible carry handle and a wide mouth opening, making it easy to fill, drink from, and clean. This makes it a practical choice for kids and a convenient one for parents, ensuring hydration is always at hand without any fuss.

Insulated Drink Bottle

Warm Bellies, Happy Kids: Insulated Food Jars

insulated food jar (and mini version) — perfect for hot or cold lunches

The insulated food jar makes packing various nutritious, temperature-controlled lunches effortless. Whether it's keeping pasta hot or fruit and yoghurt cold, this jar can handle it all with its 335ml capacity—ideal for kindergarten and school lunches. It features an easy-grip handle and a removable bumper designed to grow with your child. The included spork utensil and unique stop feature, which prevents over-tightening, make it easy for kids to manage their meals.

For optimal heat performance, a helpful tip is to pre-heat the jars with hot water before adding food

insulated food jar mini—the pint-sized powerhouse

Don't let its size fool you; the Insulated Food Jar Mini is a powerhouse for keeping smaller meals or snacks at the right temperature. This double-walled stainless steel jar is perfect for younger kids or as a snack container for older ones, keeping its contents hot for 4 hours and cold for 6 hours. Its leak-proof design and easy-fill opening ensure that even the youngest kids can handle their snack time independently. Additionally, the stop feature helps prevent over- tightening, fostering a sense of independence.


Ensuring your kids stay hydrated and well-nourished during the colder months is essential for their overall health and well-being. The biting cold can often make children less aware of their thirst cues, while their heightened energy expenditure in play can increase their nutritional needs.

The carefully selected products featured in this guide effectively address these seasonal challenges. They provide practical, kid-friendly solutions that maintain the temperature and freshness of drinks and meals. They even promote independence by allowing children to easily manage their hydration and food intake.

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