hey, we're b.box!


we’re an Aussie company and we’re on a mission to redefine everyday essentials for bub’s and kids. we want to support little people to learn and empower them to be more independent, all the while making parents day to day easier (we’ve been there, and we know every little bit helps!)

so how do we do this? put simply, we get to the nitty gritty of what kids need and what parents want, and we design to cater to them. we are meticulous about quality and we are driven by innovation to offer our customers unique solutions to everyday challenges.

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 danielle michaels and monique filer


come on the b.box journey

sleep deprived and solving problems

picture this.

you’re a new mum, on a flight with a 6-week-old baby. you’re tired, under-caffeinated and can’t wait to get home. and oh, bub needs a nappy change! so now you’re juggling baby and all your nappy changing paraphernalia, as you excuse your way to the cubicle dropping stuff along the way (not the baby… phew!)

mission impossible, right? this was exactly what I (Dan, b.box co-founder) thought, and when I was retelling the story to good friend (Mon, other b.box co-founder) she agreed - there’s got to be a better way! we need something stylish yet functional that takes the stress out of changing bubs nappy, on a plane, or anytime you’re on-the-go.


taking a leap of faith

 armed with a prototype (literally a cardboard box resembling what would eventually become the b.box diaper wallet!) we engaged with an industrial designer to bring our unique idea to life. and we used all available networks (yep, even that Dad from mother’s group that had a manufacturing contact) to work out how we could deliver our diaper wallet to other mums and their families.  

bowl and straw sketch

from humble beginnings 

very long story short, the diaper wallet was produced and better yet, was a success. and so b.box was born!   we found ourselves building a business and at the same time balancing family; to experience more everyday challenges: what else do you need when travelling with kids, starting solids, feeding on the go, the list goes on! for b.box, these challenges represented opportunities to design more products that make the juggle easier for parents and carers, and empower kids to be more independent.


we learn and grow (and learn and grow) 

from diaper wallet, to travel bib, to sippy cup, to lunchbox... more successful products, lead to more employees, more innovation, more happy customers – in Australia and globally! b.box goes from home office/garage, to HQ office/warehouse, online, major retailers in Australia and even more international markets. we’re driven to keep supporting active families and to keep solving life’s little problems with unique, practical, quality and fun products. Products that parents trust and kids love to use.


it’s a win-win situation

we still get a buzz when we see kids around the world using, learning and growing with their b.box essentials. it’s the highest accolade. and being recognised for innovation, quality products and business excellence with product, business and design awards, both locally and internationally, is an absolute honour and a testament to our amazing team.


so, what’s next?

every day we pinch ourselves to make sure it’s not a crazy dream! and then we ask ourselves, each other and our team; how have parenting challenges changed? how else can we assist babies and children to learn, grow and to develop confidence at every age and stage?


we’ll keep asking questions because we want to keep exceeding our customers expectations and redefining the market, so that your bubs and kids can learn and grow in a fun and engaging way. and we hope you’ll continue to share your parenting journey with us.


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