the 12 most powerful Disney Princess Quotes



Are you elated and excited after revisiting a Disney princess movie? Does the idea of seeking new adventures, believing in magic, and following your dreams sparkle up your day?


In celebration of International Women's Day this month, we are sharing some empowering quotes by our favourite Disney Princesses: deep diving into why we love them, and how we can impart their magical wisdom and their sense of bravery into our busy, modern-day lives – whilst making our own dreams come true!


Ready to be crowned with some princess-like inspiration? Cue the magic carpet ride. Cue the wintry wonderland kingdom and cue the musical soundtrack ... here are the 12 most empowering Disney Princess quotes and why we love them!




Cinderella quotes


The story of Cinderella is such a favourite, mainly because of her main message: that to be kind and have courage, even in the face of challenges or adversity, has the power to ripple out towards making your own dreams come true.


Yes, she was kind; yes, she was patiently working towards her dreams, but where she really shone? Was at the ball ... in courageously meeting her prince on her own terms: as herself ... then brazenly leaving her glass slipper outside the steps of the palace in order for her true love to come and find her. 


how to impart Cinderella's empowering story into our life:


Let's not forget, along with the virtue of courage, Cinderella also embodied the essential element of kindness by letting go of her grief and forgiving her evil stepmother and stepsisters, to move on with her Prince Charming. Our lesson? To invite more magic into our lives requires us to have the courage to forgive others, so we can then don our crowns and give ourselves the space: to fly away freely towards our own happy destination. 



Little Mermaid Quotes


The story of Ariel touches all empowering women at their core; mainly because to be empowered requires a great amount of curiosity and spiritedness about the world, even if no one around you sees life in quite the same way.


Feeling 'that pull' to do more and see more requires a certain amount of inner bravery and confidence. It means that you are willing to explore the world while showing up authentically as your true self.  


how to impart Ariel's empowering story into our life:


In the face of unseen obstacles that may temporarily block you from achieving your goals, another important message in the story of The Little Mermaid: was to never give up.


Even if someone steals your voice, even if someone tries to sabotage your dreams, there is always another wave you can swim through, to create your own flow in life.


That no matter what may happen, you will always win, one way or another; by acquiring some feet, and taking one step at a time towards a new destination: of achieving true love.



Snow White

Snow White Quotes


The story of Snow White empowers us by seeing the benefits of staying positive. That beyond beauty or vanity, our true powers lie in our ability to stay positive, which can then fill the world around us with sunshine. That even though the world may fill us with messages of praising someone's outer beauty over any other virtue, they are still only thoughts built by others: and are not truly real in the scheme of things.


how to impart Snow White's empowering story into our life:


A message from Snow White lies in the fact that even though vanity may be praised, it is only temporary, for in the end, her prince never forgot how she made him feel. Even outside the kingdom, Snow White was kind and compassionate to others less fortunate than her. She was kind to the animals.


In truth: she was the true face of beauty on the inside and out. She is within herself a shining example of what it is to be virtuous within a world that shines with light as well as with darkness.


That in life, we help ourselves by smiling in the face of adversity. That to be wide-eyed and sweet-natured is by no means a weakness, but a true example of having the gumption to burst out on their own and learn how to survive in this great big world when called upon to do so.



Beauty and the Beast Quotes


In Beauty and the Beast, we delve into the world of Belle, a beautiful maiden who does not care for royal chit-chat, and tires of her French village: longing to escape to another life beyond her provincial town. To somewhere that mirrors her storybooks and love of adventure.


For the first time, Disney featured an anti-princess, who sees through the material-like riches of a castle, and then falls in love with a prince-like beast, who she eventually saves.


how to impart Belle's empowering story into our life:


What is so empowering and enchanting about this story, is how Belle teaches us not to be deceived by appearances, for true beauty can be unearthed in all of us. But most importantly, we must reframe our eyes to see it in ourselves.


She teaches women of all ages to label themselves into a new kind of beautiful: in adding intelligence, adventure and above all, open-mindedness into the mix.  



Frozen Elsa Quotes


In Frozen, Elsa and her sister Anna not only taught us about the empowered feeling of sisterhood but delved into a very crippling issue: in fearing our own greatness. That by truly enveloping the power of self-belief, we can then finally have the courage to be ourselves fully. To have the courage to step out of living in fear – to turning it into a superpower instead. To bravely show our gifts to the world.


how to impart Elsa's empowering story into our life:


Elsa's popularity lies in the fact that even though we may seem confident and strong-willed on the outside, it doesn't mean our inner fears and self-doubt do not exist. We all experience fear from time to time, but the way to deal with newfound fears, and succeed in spite of them, is to bravely face them and then use them for the good of all.



Aladdin Jasmine Quotes A Whole New World Lyrics


Growing tired of her confined palace life under her sultan father's rule, feisty Princess Jasmine of Agrabah seeks to make her own decisions. Under pressure to marry a prince bound by the laws of her father's kingdom, she bravely escapes the palace by disguising herself as a peasant.


Rebellious and fiercely independent, Jasmine is determined to marry someone's character she genuinely loves within her heart, as opposed to someone with riches, and ultimately seeks to live a life where she can bask in adventure.


how to impart Jasmine's empowering story into our life:


Jasmine's free-spirited story highlights the need for all of us, on the occasion, to confidently break out of our day-to-day routines and experience that sense of freedom from the conventions that society seeks to confine us to.


That is normal to be outspoken and question the laws of our society, and have the freedom to choose our romantic relationships, friendships, and life choices. That it is every woman’s right to want to see the wider world and experience life outside our comfort zones.


That once we do, a kind of magic happens, in seeing life on a whole new plane with eternal beauty and wondrous adventures, where indeed, we can only look towards the future, not the past.




Sleeping Beauty Aurora Quotes 


As opposed to the rebellious character of Princess Jasmine, we see a different side in the likes of Princess Aurora, a dutiful and obedient teenager, who shows us that given the right time and place, it is possible to put aside your own desires, and do what is expected of you.


Aurora also displays to us the wide-eyed hopes of finding true love and choosing to be a wife and mother more than anything else, which again, is a life choice she chooses to make for herself. 


how to impart Aurora's empowering story into our life:


It is no secret that on a daily basis, modern-day teenagers uplift themselves with hope and romanticism.


Romantic relationships are at the forefront as girls mature, and positively or negatively, it gives them an opportunity to discover their inner worth, and what they need in a relationship to complement themselves.


Having hope as well as remaining loyal to your values and feelings, are positive character trait on the road to any successful relationship.




Moana Quotes


Yearning to leave her island village home on an epic journey beyond the reef; charming, enthusiastic, and adventurous Hawaiian girl Moana inspires young girls everywhere to have the courage and bravery to break the rules, and to follow their heart and intuition. Never one to let obstacles get in her way, Moana realises that she can go on her journey alone – to confidently navigate her way across the Pacific.


In doing so, she then places herself in a position to teach the elders of her village the ancient wayfinding techniques of how to sail out onto the open ocean: restoring the legacy of voyaging knowledge back to her own people. 


how to impart Moana's empowering story into our life:


Moana's story empowers a generation of brave, determined women to question the status quo and inspire their own surroundings to be better.


She is a prime example of a mini heroine: setting her mind on a goal and achieving it while rescuing her own village.


She shows us that to reach our goals, we must have a great deal of perseverance and a great deal of self-belief. She also finds a way to grow, mature and reach new heights: right on her own shores.   



Pocahontas Quotes 


Guided by the spirits of nature, young American Indian woman Pocahontas is uncertain about her life path, whether to choose the smoothest path, or the one she still feels called to follow. Upon meeting English Captain John Smith, he sees her unwavering strength and respect she has for nature, and they fall in love, despite their differences.


When tensions rise between her local tribe and the Jameson settlers, and the captain’s life is in danger, Pocahontas realises that her calling is to be the peacemaker between them both. 


how to impart Pocahontas' empowering story into our life:


Pocahontas' endearing character empowers us to be open-minded about where others come from. She also teaches us to be grateful for what we do have, instead of always looking for what we don't. That life is more fruitful when we choose to learn about the world, and what lies beyond what we can see.



Tiana Quotes 


Working hard as a waitress in order to save money to build her own restaurant in New Orleans, Tiana has the drive and the gumption – to make her dreams happen. So much so, that even Prince Naveen cannot waver her away from her dreams she has worked so hard to manifest. In the end, Tiana gets to have both, by the help of a prince who stands alongside her: to help her reach her dream.


how to impart Tiana's empowering story into our life:


So many women are told that we can't have it all. That we must choose between marriage and kids, or a career. In Tiana's case however, she reminds girls that it is ok to put your dreams first, as opposed to becoming an instant princess.


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Disney Princesses have the power to inspire, uplift and empower us to rise to our potential, and to give us the confidence to share our own kind of magic with the world around us. Follow us this month on our socials @bbox where women's empowerment rules!     

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