In the whirlwind of a morning routine, with kids ready to dash out the door, every minute counts. So how do you ensure your children have a nutritious meal to keep them energised throughout the day? Enter the insulated food jar (IFJ)—a simple yet innovative solution to pack meals that stay delicious and at the perfect temperature. Whether you choose the larger 335ml jar for a hearty lunch or the smaller 210ml jar for a refreshing snack, an IFJ makes meal prep a breeze.



packing powerhouse meals for the regular IFJ (335ml)

comforting classics

creamy chicken and rice

Imagine tender poached chicken mixed with a creamy sauce, peas, and carrots, all layered over fluffy rice. This meal packs comfort in every bite and stays warm until lunchtime.

mac and cheese with a twist

Boost the beloved mac and cheese by mixing in roasted broccoli florets and topping it with melted cheddar cheese. It’s a tasty twist that keeps the dish warm and the broccoli tender.

hearty chilli

For a filling option, try a protein-rich chilli with beans, veggies, and optional minced meat. It’s a winter favourite that remains warm, offering a comforting meal for a cold day.

cold and refreshing options

leftover chicken salad

Avoid the dread of soggy lettuce by packing grilled chicken, crisp cos, and cherry tomatoes separately from a light Caesar dressing. The IFJ ensures everything stays fresh and chilled.

deconstructed sushi bowl

Layer brown rice with carrots, edamame, cucumber, and optional seaweed flakes. Include a small container of soy or teriyaki sauce for a fun, dippable lunch that stays fresh.

snacking smart with the mini IFJ (210ml)

warm and cosy

mini quiches

Bake and freeze mini quiches, then warm one in the morning to keep in the mini IFJ for a delicious mid-morning treat.


Cook up a batch of meatballs and reheat them in the morning. Fill up the mini IFJ ready for some pop-tastic lunchtime fun.

cold and refreshing

yogurt parfait

Layer yogurt with granola and fresh berries for a snack that stays cool and crisp throughout the day.

hummus and veggie sticks

Pair hummus with sticks of carrots, celery, or cucumber for a healthy snack that’s fun to eat.

trail mix powerhouse

Mix nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips for a custom trail mix that offers energy and taste.

soup’s on! 10 easy and delicious soup Ideas for the IFJ

classic tomato soup

A quick blend of canned tomatoes, broth, cream, and spices makes a soothing tomato soup.


hearty lentil soup

Lentils and veggies simmered in broth make a nutritious option that fills the belly and warms the heart.


minestrone soup

This vegetable, pasta, and bean soup is a robust choice for any lunch.


broccoli cheddar soup

A creamy, cheesy soup that’s a hit with kids


chicken noodle soup

Ideal for comforting your child on a chilly day or when they're feeling a bit under the weather.


coconut curry soup (adapted for kids):

A mild, creamy curry soup introduces kids to new tastes without overwhelming them.


vegetable tortilla soup

Light yet flavourful, with a crunch of tortilla chips added just before eating to maintain their snap or used to dip into the soup.


cream of mushroom soup

Earthy mushrooms with a hint of rosemary in a creamy broth.


split pea soup

A warm, hearty option great for cooler days.


minestrone with a twist

Adding a spoonful of pesto brings a vibrant burst of flavour to traditional minestrone.


packing tips and tricks

• Preheating the IFJ for warm meals keeps lunch at the ideal temperature.

• If keeping it cold is on the menu, pre-chill the IFJ in the fridge to keep the contents fresh and cool as long as possible.

• Included in the IFJ bumper is a reusable spork to make eating a breeze. Don’t forget to pack a napkin to help keep mealtime tidy.


Insulated food jars are a game-changer for parents looking to pack diverse, tasty, and temperature-stable meals for their children. Whether opting for a warm soup or a cool, refreshing snack, the IFJ and IFJ mini help maintain the integrity and flavour of the food. Embrace creativity in your meal planning and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your child is fuelled and ready to tackle their day.

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