Picture this … you’re about to go out on a day with baby. You’ve got everything packed, including bottles, nappies, wipes … all your new baby paraphernalia. You are finally getting some energy back, and you are ready to leave the house even if it’s just for a bit!


You just need to get bubby and you dressed and …

Uh oh, wait. Something is not quite right. Baby is niggling and suddenly not quite so cheery.

Better check the nappy, you think.

And that’s when you notice it. A red + raw rash developing. It looks chafed, inflamed, and full of sores. When you touch it, bubs is flailing and uncomfortable.

It looks so painful!

But there’s no need to stress …  

What you are seeing is the effects of something called nappy rash – a reddish, raw rash in the nappy area. The skin may look raised, swollen, and spotty. Unfortunately, it is sore for babies and terribly itchy. It can also make them irritable and unusually unsettled.

I know your first instinct is to feel your baby’s pain, but let’s just breathe for a split second, and first explore what nappy rash is, why it occurs, and how to treat it with care.


baby with mother and b.box body protect nappy and barrier cream for nappy rash


newborn baby: caring for nappy rash 


what is nappy rash?

Nappy rash is caused by skin irritation, developed from moisture emanating from a baby’s wee’s or poo’s, or from the nappy rubbing and chafing against the nappy area. It can also be caused by baby wipes, synthetic-based soaps, and detergents. In addition, sensitive skin conditions can inflame nappy rash and make it even worse. 

It can, however, look a bit, erm … red, spotty, and raw to the touch with blisters, crusts, or pimples at its worst. And you may even feel tempted to keep baby’s skin clean and dry, and nappy free. If it’s summer, then this would be a great relief to bubs! But if it’s smack in the middle of winter, or you are keen to get out-and-about, your local nurse or GP may suggest a natural remedy, as baby’s skin is super-sensitive and needs gentle protection.

Nappy rash is treatable. In fact, keeping your baby's nappy area clean and dry and regularly using a natural nappy or barrier cream can help to not only protect it from getting worse but even prevent it from happening.

So, why not try the new b.box body protect barrier cream…?


b.box body protect nappy and barrier cream for nappy rash


about protect

Sometimes, the symptoms of nappy rash can occur when there is no physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may irritate it. protect is designed to create a protective barrier against itching, redness, peeling skin and inflammation, all of which are symptoms used to describe nappy rash. It is a natural barrier cream safe for baby from birth and protective for all ages and skin types that provides a skin-conditioning, moisture barrier to protect delicate skin from everyday irritants: leaving it feeling soft, soothed, and smelling fresh.

Containing zinc oxide and teamed with natural botanicals of lavender, calendula and kakadu plum that gently penetrates the skin with anti-inflammatory properties, and shea butter to gently create a protective barrier around delicate skin – protect works to provide astringent, antiseptic, and skin regenerating properties. It also includes an innovative airless ‘pump and swipe’ dispenser jar to preserve the quality of natural ingredients and offers precise one-handed dosing and added hygiene to reduce the spread of nasties associated with finger-dipping.

As new mamas, its literally a relief-in-a-bottle formula that will not only soothe baby but give us new mums some extra zzz’s through the night! Free from nasties and made from earthy ingredients, protect is exactly that and more … without inflaming or stripping the skin of natural oils!

To use protect, simply clean the irritated area, and apply generously, at nappy changes and at bath time, or really as often as required to nurture and help soothe dry skin. A barrier cream does not need to be completely absorbed. Regular use can help to prevent nappy rash too. And for those severe nappy rash cases, you can use with b.box body soothe to aid in the recovery of irritated and sensitive skin.


Here are the how-to-steps to treating nappy rash with protect …


step 1- top n’ tail with cleanse

Before applying any barrier cream to your baby’s nappy rash area, feel free to b.box body hair + body foaming gel, cleanse to gently wash baby’s affected nappy area. But be patient not to rub or scratch the area too hard, as nappy rash is very sensitive to baby’s little bodies!

the steps

  • apply cleanse to damp skin in bath
  • massage gently to lather
  • gently wash and rinse with water on baby’s affected area


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baby in bath with b.box body cleanse hair and body wash


step 2 – soak to soothe

As an option for a deeper treatment, you indulge bubs with soothe, a soap-free sensitive skin treatment that delivers intensive care to the hair and body, especially for nappy rash. soothe contains calming botanical elements of aloe vera, Kakadu plum, and jojoba oil to hydrate, teamed with kaolin clay to remove impurities and calm irritated skin, leaving it soft and supple, and leaving bubs feeling a little less irritated and little more serene! Reminding you that bub’s bath for nappy rash should be like a top n’ tail wash, with lukewarm water so not to inflame bub’s skin.

the steps

  • add directly to bath water for a luxurious milky soak
  • no need to rinse


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baby in bath with b.box body soothe soap-free mineral soak


step 3 – dry the area gently

After washing, gently pat the area dry with a soft towel, making sure to give their bottom and bits time to air out and for the skin to breathe well as long as possible - every day. Even better, let your baby rest or play for a while without their nappy – just put a towel underneath them to allow air to circulate around the area (and to catch any accidents!)


step 4 – protect, protect, protect!

Next, apply protect gently and thickly to the affected area to create a barrier that stops baby’s wee’s and poo’s from getting onto and further inflaming the skin. If you can still see some of the cream at the next nappy change, then you’ll know you’ve applied it properly. After each nappy change - use lukewarm water and cotton wool or a light cotton cloth to gently clean your baby’s affected area. Remember, a daily washing routine is the best way to heal and soothe nappy rash for good!


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mum uses b.box body protect nappy and barrier cream on baby with nappy rash


step 5 - keep bubs calm

Try to reduce the stress of nappy rash by engaging in calming activities at change times and well… always! Like lots of cuddles, singing and story time, nappy-free time, and daily walks. In short, being attentive to your baby’s needs can help them feel more relaxed, comfortable, and secure.


step 6: settling at night

Nappy rash can also cause sleep deprivation for both of you. Bath time before bed and providing that extra care to baby’s nappy rash before bed, is a great way to relax baby and relieve any soreness before settling in for the night. And hopefully it will set the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep.


the hero ingredients of protect:

Want to know why the protect formulation is the perfect all-natural product for your baby’s nappy rash?

  • zinc oxide is the active ingredient in this formulation, known as a topical protectant, zinc oxide works its magic by providing astringent, antiseptic, and skin regenerating properties.
  • lavender treats dry skin conditions and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • calendula has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes skin tightness, wound healing, and UV skin protection. benefits both the skin and our overall health with its antibacterial and moisturising elements.


and finally … Kakadu plum


baby on change table smiling and happy

why is Kakadu plum naturally good for you?

Kakadu plum is known as an innovative, life-changing, all-natural superpowered ingredient! Originating from a native Australian fruit called ‘Terminalia Ferdinandiana’, it is naturally consumed by Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory and is used as a traditional medicine for treatment of skin infections, colds, and flus. It is also a nourishing skincare ingredient with an enriched source of Vitamin C that revives, repairs, and rejuvenates damaged skin. Oh! And fun fact: it also happens to be a great beauty ingredient for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - to aid the skin in slowing down the ageing process so you’ll often find it in mama skincare too!


why is Kakadu plum great for babies?

High in concentrated Vitamin C for skin growth and repair, Kakadu plum is a multi-tasking ingredient that contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep your baby’s skin stay super healthy. It’s also a great nutrient-rich ingredient for babies because it’s effective at preventing leftover marks from appearing after picking at a flare-up on our skin.


So, there you have it, mamas!

Nappy rash, although distressing to witness, is treatable and manageable. With a step-by-step treatment a case of nappy rash can typically clear up days or weeks.

As always, if you’re concerned about your baby’s symptoms or see no improvement, reach out to your doctor, or your local child health nurse for more help and caring advice.


by Antonette Golikidis

Award-winning skincare expert, mum, and formulations queen behind b.box body - the new all-natural, baby and family skincare collection from b.box. Antonette holds a Diploma in Health Science and Personal Care Formulation, and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy and brings more than 15 years’ experience in cosmetic product development, alternative therapies, scent science and baby massage to the team.  Her in-depth research and study of skin care and cosmetics ignited her passion for working with natural ingredients to create unique, quality products that not only smell delicious, but capture the therapeutic benefits of those ingredients.  Antonette lives by her everyday mantra: ‘Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do...’ and is inspired by her family and gorgeous boys – where her skin care journey began.



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