b.box flexi insulated lunchbag


The new school year is upon us! Whether you're jumping for joy or secretly hiding under the covers, one thing's for sure, the school lunch routine is back in full swing.

Take a deep breath, there’s no need to panic, because we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you navigate through the nitty gritty of prepping and packing.

Enter the flexi insulated lunch bag, our latest lunchtime recruit. This flexible wonder stretches to accommodate a variety of b.box combinations, ensuring food stays fresh and delicious, even on the hottest of days.

Plus, it’s machine washable, so cleaning up is super simple – just zip up and pop into the wash for a refresh. How easy!


Every adventurer needs the right gear for the journey, so if your child's lunch bag needs to withstand more than the average bumps and knocks, don’t look past our hard base insulated lunch bags.

Built for extra sturdiness without compromising on coolness, they're definitely tough troopers!

And for those who prefer an aged up look, the pocket-free version of the hard base insulated lunch bag offers the same amazing features in a more minimalist design.

Remember, convenience is key, so it’s essential to look out for kid-friendly features like easy-open zippers and comfortable carry handles no matter what your lunch bag choice.


With so many exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) options available, figuring out the perfect lunchtime combination for your child can feel like a daunting task.

With this guide and the right lunch bag in hand, you’ll be equipped to face the school year with confidence. So let’s get exploring!


flexi insulated lunch bag


Say hello to the newest member of our lunchtime squad, the new flexi insulated lunch bag – here to fit more of your favourite lunchtime combinations! The flexible sides bend to accommodate almost any b.box pairings you can dream up.

Lunchbox and snackbox? Check! Mini lunchbox and insulated food jar? Done! You can even pack the mini-me trio of lunchbox, snackbox, and mini food jar for those days when hunger roars extra loud. You won’t find a case of the “hangries” around here!

b.box flexi insulated lunchbag


Let's face it, nobody wants wilted salad or lukewarm sandwich. The durable aluminium lining in the flexi insulated lunch bag works as a coolness champion, keeping food fresh and chilled for hours.

And for those scorching summer days? Simply pop in a jumbo gel cooler (sold separately) in the handy inner mesh pocket for an extra layer of frosty protection. You'll be the queen or king of cool-lunch-packing!

We all know the inevitable messes that come with lunchtimes. Spills happen, crumbs accumulate, and the residue left behind by sticky fingers can leave you wishing you had a magic wand.

But guess what? Our flexi insulated lunch bag makes light work of keeping it clean! Simply shake out any lurking crumbs, wipe down the inside with a damp cloth, then zip closed and pop into the washing machine for a thorough refresh, and say goodbye to scrubbing and soaking.

Ensure the bag is emptied and the zips are closed before washing on a gentle cycle at no more than 30C°. Just remember to keep the bag open while drying, and voilà, your lunch bag is ready for another round!

Made of recycled polyester outer fabric which is tough enough for everyday adventures and better for the environment. Each flexi insulated lunch bag uses approximately 16 plastic bottles to create the colourful outer fabric design, keeping these bottles out of landfills and oceans, how awesome is that!

We also know when it comes to design, it’s the little things that matter. Which is why we pay extra close attention to detail. Like the easy-to-use zipper that makes opening and closing our insulated lunch bags a breeze, even for small hands.

The comfortable carry handle which is perfect for adventurers on the go, and the size which makes it ideal for schoolbags and backpacks. Packed full of features that makes it that much easier for parents to pack full of school lunches!


which combination is suitable for my child?


So with all that on board, which flexi insulated lunch bag combination is the best fit for your child’s school day? Read on to find out!


lunchbox + snackbox 

This classic combo is perfect for school kids with a bigger appetite that love a side of snacking. The lunchbox provides enough space for a sandwich, wrap, whole fruits and more, while the snackbox keeps smaller treats like mini muffins or veggies and dip separate for munching, perfect for recess snack or afternoon tea break. It’s the dynamic duo of lunch combinations!


b.box lunchbox + snackbox in flexi insulated lunchbag


lunchbox + mini insulated food jar 

Think adventurous school-aged eaters with bigger appetites. This combo caters to children who love a hot snack or side dish like sausage rolls or those who prefer their yogurt and muesli chilled to perfection. The insulated jar ensures food stays at the desired temperature, while the lunchbox holds plenty of delicious options to keep them full throughout the school day.


b.box lunchbox + mini insulated food jar in flexi insulated lunchbag


mini lunchbox + snackbox 

This compact combo is ideal for the kindy kid or new school starter with a smaller appetite. Keep it simple with finger foods like cheese cubes, veggie sticks, and mini sandwiches in the lunchbox, and a fun fruit or a yogurt treat in the snackbox. This is also a perfect container for crunch and sip! Remember, kids eat with their eyes first, so bite-sized portions and playful presentation are key to setting them up for a fun journey of school lunches to come.


b.box mini lunchbox + snackbox in flexi insulated lunchbag


mini lunchbox + insulated food jar 

The soup enthusiast thrives with this setup! Imagine creamy tomato soup in the jar paired with a toasted cheese sandwich cut into fun shapes in the lunchbox. The mini lunchbox offers enough space for a personalised lunch, while the insulated jar can hold warm leftovers to enjoy familiar comfort foods. Their day is a balance of learning and play, so lunchtime is a chance to relax and savour something warm and delicious.


b.box mini lunchbox + insulated food jar in flexi insulated lunchbag


mini lunchbox + snackbox + mini insulated food jar 

This flexible trio allows for smaller portions and wider variety of foods, ideal for kids who love to graze, while also making it a good go-to for picky eaters. Fill the jar with a favourite protein like yogurt or hummus and pack an array of textures and flavours in the mini lunchbox and snackbox to encourage exploration. Think veggie sticks, edamame pods, or even a stack of pikelets. Yummy!


b.box mini lunchbox + snackbox + mini insulated food jar in flexi insulated lunchbag


insulated lunch bag


Does your little adventurer have a tendency to transform their backpack into a bouncy castle of bumps and knocks? If you find yourself always on the lookout for something a little on the sturdier side that can take a tougher tumble around the schoolyard, then perhaps our hard base insulated lunch bags are the solution for you!

Strong, spacious, without compromising on coolness, you can rest assured their lunch will stay fresh and delicious, no matter how wild their day gets.

b.box insulated lunchbag


This insulated lunch bag packs a powerful punch of its own. Keeping food cooler for longer is its core mission, thanks to the durable insulated lining. We recommend pairing with a jumbo gel cooler (sold separately) in the inner mesh pocket for those extra hot summer days.

While it may not have the flexi's shape-shifting abilities, it offers plenty of versatility in choosing which combination to pack, designed to fit a variety of b.box lunch combos, including:

  • • lunchbox
  • • mini lunchbox + snackbox
  • • mini lunchbox + mini insulated food jar
  • • mini lunchbox + insulated food jar (with handles off only)
  • • snackbox + insulated food jar


Cleaning up to restore order after a school day is a quick and effortless task. With the hygienic, seamless interior base, there’s no battling crumbs trapped in corners or hidden messes in seams.

Simply wipe down the interior with a damp cloth, and you're good to go! For the recycled polyester outer fabric, spot cleaning with a cloth and non-abrasive agent will do the trick to remove any stubborn stains or remnants of messy mealtimes.

The bag’s easy-to-use zipper opening and comfortable carry handle are perfect for busy, active kids who love to power through lunchtimes. Additionally, the breathable side pocket keeps their drink bottle secure and prevents condensation build-up, ensuring a refreshing sip every time.

Or for an aged up look, check out the pocket-free version of this insulated lunch bag. Same amazing features, combined in a sleeker style that’s better suited to older kids.



So there you have it! We've explored a world of lunch time packing possibilities, from the bendy brilliance of the flexi insulated bag to the cool confidence of the hard base insulated bag.

But remember, these are just suggestions, springboards to launch your own lunchtime creativity. Much like the flexi bag, this guide is totally adaptable!

Your child's perfect lunch combination depends on their unique needs and preferences. Are they a grazer with a love for all things snackable? Or a picky explorer who needs a variety of textures and flavours to keep them interested? Maybe they're somewhere in between, enjoying a healthy lunch with a side of fun surprises.

The key is to find a setup that works for them, as well as you! Consider their appetite, any dietary restrictions, and even their eating style. Do they crave a classic lunchbox and snackbox duo, or are they ready for the insulated food jar change-up? Does a deconstructed lunch across a series of snackboxes and containers spark their imagination, or do they prefer everything in a single lunchbox for easy access?

And don't forget the importance of freshness! The insulated lining of our b.box insulated lunch bags keeps food fresh and cool for hours, with ample room to fit larger ice packs for extra cooling power on scorching days.

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