Importance of understanding the unique needs of baby and toddler skin

Fun fact, did you know that a baby’s skin is one-fifth the thickness of adult skin therefore baby and toddlers need special care when it comes to their daily skincare routine.

Your baby’s skin barrier is their first line of defence to the outside world, I know that may sound daunting but it’s the main reason why baby or toddler’s skin requires special attention to ensure proper care and protection. Understanding the distinctions between their skin and that of adults is crucial for maintaining optimal health and well-being. 


Overview of key differences between baby and toddler skin

Baby and toddler skin is characterised by its sensitivity, vulnerability, and limited natural oil production. These factors necessitate gentle and nourishing skincare solutions to address their unique requirements.  This is why you often here experts talk about the key to your little one skin health is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate… body products for optimal skin care


To cater to the specific needs of baby and toddler skin, body offers a range of products designed to cleanse, nourish, hydrate, soothe, and protect.

Washing – cleanse + soothe are our ultimate washing solution

cleanse - All-over foaming gel gently cleans and leaves skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine every day! Free from nasties, cleanse is made from natural ingredients to nurture skin during and after bathing without stripping the skin of natural oils. Simply massage a small amount into wet hair and skin, lather and rinse or add to running water for a luxurious lightly foaming bath. 

soothe - A delicate milky bath soak and body wash. soothe is a soap-free alternative, safe to use with baby from birth and deeply purifying for all ages and skin types. This mineral-rich sensitive skin treatment delivers intensive care to face + body, to help leave skin feeling soft and supple. Formulated with clinically proven kaolin clay, rich in silica with a natural pH similar to the skin to offer cleansing and soothing properties known to remove impurities and help calm irritated skin without stripping its natural oils.


Moisturising – nourish + hydrate say no to dryness or irritation

hydrate - A moisturising face + body lotion suitable for all ages and skin types, even the most sensitive. This powerhouse lotion is packed with natural goodness to soften the skin and to help strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier. Free from nasties, hydrate is plant-based and vegan-friendly. Nutrient-rich Kakadu plum, aloe vera and shea butter infuse the skin with moisture helping to hydrate and replenish the skin's barrier. Calming calendula and Roman chamomile offer antioxidant properties known to help soothe skin irritation, all while smelling amazing! hydrate is suitable for those with delicate skin, prone to dryness or irritation.

nourish - A lightweight bath + body oil made from natural ingredients to gently moisturise and to help leave dry or irritated skin feeling deeply hydrated and smelling beautiful. nourish is free of nasties safe for baby from birth and nourishing for all ages and skin types. This aromatic oil is formulated with jojoba oil, non-greasy to simulate the body's natural oils and known to offer antibacterial attributes to help replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier. Boosted with anti-inflammatory properties of Kakadu plum and infused with aromatic mandarin and Roman chamomile to help improve hydration for sensitive skin prone to dryness or irritation.


Nappy cream – protect nappy barrier

protect - A mineral based nappy + barrier cream infused with Australian botanicals and natural butters to help provide a protective barrier to delicate skin.

Active ingredient zinc oxide helps to provide topical protection, astringent, and antiseptic properties.  Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender, chamomile and Kakadu plum which may improve skin condition and help to relieve any discomfort associated with nappy rash, dryness and other skin irritation. Protect comes in a handy, airless dispensing jar to preserve the natural ingredients while supporting hygienic, single-handed use (keep one hand on baby, one hand on the jar!) and precise dosing for less waste, and less barrier cream stuck under fingernails.



Understanding Baby Skin


Characteristics of baby skin

Sensitivity and vulnerability
Baby skin is exceptionally sensitive and vulnerable due to its thin outer layer, making it more prone to irritations and environmental influences. This heightened sensitivity necessitates a careful and gentle approach to skincare to avoid potential discomfort or reactions.

Limited natural oil production
Unlike adult skin, baby skin has limited natural oil production. The sebaceous glands responsible for oil secretion are not fully developed, leaving the skin more susceptible to dryness. These characteristic underscores the importance of using products that provide adequate moisture without stripping away the skin's natural oils. body cleanse for gentle cleansing body cleanse offers a solution for gentle cleansing that takes into account the sensitivity and limited oil production. For example, our cleanse is formulated with natural ingredients known for their gentle and nourishing properties. Ingredients such as chamomile and calendula provide soothing effects, while aloe vera offers hydration without causing irritation. These natural components contribute to a cleanser that is effective yet mild on delicate baby skin.

Safe for newborns and infants
Emphasising the safety of body cleanse for newborns and infants is crucial. The product is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the youngest skin, ensuring a gentle and safe cleansing experience. Parents can trust that the formulation is free from harsh chemicals or additives that might harm their baby's delicate skin.

Maintaining the skin's natural oils
A key aspect of body cleanse is its ability to cleanse without disrupting the delicate balance of the skin's natural oils. This is essential for supporting the development of the skin's protective barrier. The formulation aims to clean effectively while preserving the essential oils that contribute to the overall health and well-being of baby skin. Understanding these characteristics and the thoughtful formulation of body cleanse establishes a foundation for effective and gentle skincare for babies, promoting a positive and nurturing experience for both parents and their little ones.


Nurturing Baby Skin


Importance of moisturising baby skin

Moisturising is crucial for baby skin to combat dryness and promote overall skin health. body nourish as a lightweight, nourishing solution

bbox body nourish is introduced as a lightweight moisturiser, featuring natural ingredients like Kakadu plum and jojoba oil designed to deeply hydrate and improve skin condition. Dermatologically approved, formulated with natural botanical ingredients, and infused with aromatic mandarin and Roman chamomile nourish contains no synthetics, parabens or dyes is vegan friendly and cruelty free intended to improve hydration for sensitive skin prone to dryness or irritation.

Incorporating nourish into the daily baby care routine

Nourish is all about muti use.

Nourish can be used as a body + bath oil. Add a few drops to the bath to hydrate sensitive skin while bathing for a relaxing experience. then for an after-bath application - incorporating body nourish into the daily routine, to massage into the skin after bath will soothe dry or irritated skin and it’s also a great way to bond with bubs. Simply pump directly onto the skin right after bathing/showering and massage until fully absorbed.

Nourish is ideal for mama’s growing belly to help ease itchiness as the skin stretches and expands.

Nourish can be used for cradle cap, simply massage gently into the baby’s scalp to cleanse away loose flakes.


Hydrating and Protecting Toddler Skin

Transitioning to toddler skin needs

As babies grow into toddlers, their skincare needs to also evolve, necessitating products that cater to their changing requirements. Toddlers are more active and mobile, exposing their skin to different environmental factors that can impact moisture levels. body hydrate for all-age hydration


1. Plant-based and vegan-friendly ingredients
Plant-based and vegan-friendly ingredients body hydrate is introduced as an all-age hydrating solution, featuring plant-based and vegan-friendly ingredients. This formulation ensures that toddlers receive effective hydration without the use of potentially harsh or irritating components.

2. Nutrient-rich components like Kakadu plum and aloe vera
Apply hydrate generously to face and body and massage gently until absorbed. The nutrient-rich components of Kakadu plum, aloe vera and shea butter are known to help replenish moisture and help to repair skin sensitivities. hydrate is fast absorbing to penetrate and nourish skin, without any residue or ghosting.


Using hydrate for a protective moisture barrier


1. Strengthening the skin's defences body hydrate plays a pivotal role in strengthening the skin's defences. By providing intense hydration, the product contributes to the development of a robust protective moisture barrier. This barrier acts as a shield, safeguarding the skin from external stressors and preventing moisture loss.

2. Daily application and benefits for delicate skin
Encouraging daily application of body hydrate helps fortify the skin's natural defences, keeping it supple and resilient. body hydrate goes beyond traditional hydration by actively participating in the creation of a protective moisture barrier for toddler skin. As parents navigate the challenges of caring for their growing child's skin, the inclusion of hydrate in the skincare routine ensures not only hydration but also a proactive approach to shield the skin from the demands of an active toddler lifestyle.


 Soothing and Calming


Addressing skin irritations in toddlers

As toddlers explore their surroundings, they may encounter skin irritations, making a soothing solution essential.  Toddlers are prone to skin irritations such as redness, dryness, or mild rashes, often resulting from exposure to environmental factors, new textures, or reactions to certain products.  Recognizing the significance of providing a soothing and calming solution becomes paramount to ensure the comfort and well-being of toddlers experiencing skin irritations.

Exploring body soothe as a delicate milky bath soak

Soap-free alternative for all ages body soothe is introduced as a soap-free alternative suitable for all ages, emphasizing its gentle nature.
Clinically proven kaolin clay is rich in silica and has a natural pH similar to the skin. With cleansing and soothing properties known to remove impurities and help calm irritated skin and address sensitive skin irritations. Apply soothe in the shower or add directly to running bath for a luxurious milky soak, no need to rinse off. body soothe is introduced as a soap-free alternative suitable for all ages, emphasizing its gentle nature. The formulation is crafted to cleanse without causing further irritation, making it an ideal choice for toddlers with sensitive skin.

Incorporating soothe into the bedtime routine

The calming effects of body soothe on sensitive skin make it an ideal addition to the bedtime routine. The milky bath soak provides a soothing sensation, alleviating discomfort and promoting relaxation before bedtime. body soothe serves as a thoughtful solution to address and alleviate skin irritations in toddlers. By offering a soap-free and clinically proven formula, parents can confidently incorporate soothe into their toddler's skincare routine, providing a gentle and effective remedy for common skin irritations and promoting a soothing bedtime experience.


Protective Measures for Toddlers body protect as a mineral-based nappy and barrier cream

As toddlers continue to explore the world, one common concern for parents is the prevention and management of nappy rash. In response to this need, body introduces a reliable solution with body protect—a mineral-based nappy and barrier cream designed to provide optimal protection and care for toddlers' delicate skin. body protect is introduced as a mineral-based nappy and barrier cream, highlighting the role of zinc oxide for effective topical protection.  Zinc oxide plays a crucial role in providing effective topical protection by forming a physical barrier between the skin and moisture, preventing irritation and nappy rash. 
Its anti-inflammatory properties of lavender, chamomile, and Kakadu plum protect and soothe irritated skin.  These botanical elements contribute not only to preventing nappy rash but also to promoting overall skin health.


Tips for preventing and treating nappy rash

Simply incorporating body protect into your daily routine during each nappy change acts as a preventive measure, forming a protective barrier and minimizing the chances of nappy rash development.

At headquarters we have thought about every scenario to make things a little easier for mamas.   Introducing the airless dispensing jar ensures the product's effectiveness and ease of use. The airless jar design not only maintains product freshness but also allows for convenient and mess-free application, making it easier for parents to integrate into their daily caregiving routine.



Baby and toddler skin is sensitive, vulnerable, and has limited natural oil production.  Recognizing these characteristics is essential for tailoring an effective skincare routine.  We get the needs of you and your baby and we hope that by highlighting the significance of choosing the right products, such as the use of natural ingredients and the absence of harsh chemicals in our cruelty free and eczema association approved formulations, will help encourage parents to invest in quality skincare products like body, for the well-being of their little ones.

We ask that you stay vigilant for any unusual rashes or irritations, seeking medical help if needed and always patch test small amounts to ensure no allergic reactions.


 About the Author

Meet Antonette Golikidis, award-winning skincare expert, and the co-creator and innovative force behind body - natural baby skincare.

With more than 15 years of experience in cosmetic product development, alternative therapies, scent science and baby massage, Antonette holds a Diploma in Health Science and Personal Care Formulation, and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy. Antonette’s in-depth research and study of skin care and cosmetics ignited to her passion of working with natural ingredients to create unique, quality products that not only smell delicious, but also capture the therapeutic benefits of those ingredients.

Inspired by the support of the amazing men in her life, her husband and two boys Alex & Antonio, Antonette loves to live by her everyday mantra: ‘Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do...’


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