Learning new skills is all about the journey first, then the destination. After all, practice makes perfect!  For young children navigating drinking, the right tools at just the right time can be incredibly helpful too. But if you’re unsure of which baby bottle or baby cup to use, and when, this should clear it up for you!


Baby, you got this!


Whether partly or wholly bottle-feeding, your baby will likely use a baby bottle sometime during the first 12 months be it for breast milk, formula, or cooled, boiled water. But when it’s time to transition them to drinking from a cup, we thought we’d introduce you to our next-level drinking products!


Bottoms up!


baby’s drinking journey: which cup when?

Baby with the teat bottle from b.box transition set


stage 3 teat with handles and cover from 4m+


To start taking baby from bottle feeding to toddler training, we thought it was best to start with the fast-flow Stage 3 teat with handles and cover. This helps get bub to understand the difference between holding onto a bottle and a cup, while still drinking from a later stage teat. With the idea of course, to train bub that quicker drinking equates holding onto handles. Thus, getting them started on drinking independently and confidently on their own!


spout cup from 4m+


When baby starts on solids, a spout cup is the ideal addition to mealtimes. It can be used to introduce cooled, boiled water or to offer a supplement of breast milk or formula. It has an angled silicone spout that’s gentle on sensitive little gums. Plus, easy-grip handles for simple lifting, drinking, and learning for little hands with limited dexterity!


Out-and-about? The spout cover will keep the mouthpiece clean and hygienic, while ensuring no leaks in your baby bag or backpack. Available in our transition pack.


here are the spout cup’s details!


  • - 4m+
  • - ergonomically angled silicone spout
  • - hygienic built-in spout cover
  • - easy-grip handles
  • - no leaks, easy drinking
  • - interchangeable lid – base also fits sippy cup and training lid for every age and stage
  • - BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • - dishwasher-safe
  • - made from PP, TPE and silicone
  • - 240mls/8oz capacity

 child using b.box sippy cup for drinking

sippy cup from 6m+


Once baby is over 6 months old, why not help his or her transition to a straw - with a leak-proof sippy cup!


The weighted straw moves with the liquid, so baby can drink lying, sitting, or standing whichever way it’s tilted. Serve with warm or cool options like water, fresh juice, and smoothies: to introduce baby to new and exciting flavors.


Great as a replacement for the ritual morning and night milk bottle when baby is ready to transition away from the teat, at around 12 months of age.


The ultimate must-have, our sippy cup is ideal when out-and-about or traveling with kids because it won’t leak. No more messy spills or soggy bags!


here are the sippy cup’s details!


  • - 6m+
  • - weighted straw moves with the liquid, whatever angle the cup is held
  • - simple flip top lid
  • - base also fits training cup lid and spout cup lid
  • - dishwasher safe
  • - sippy cup base is microwave safe. Do not microwave sippy cup lid or straw
  • - made from PP and silicone, steel weighted ball
  • - 240mls/8oz capacity
  • - BPA, Phthalates and PVC free

 child using b.box training cup for drinking

training cup from 9m+


Does your little kid want to drink like a big kid? The training cup is the ideal way for kids to learn to drink from a cup. The training cup mimics the flow of a big kid’s cup, by funneling liquids into the rim for easy free-flow drinking. The cup also features a unique water window in the lid so kids can learn to see the liquid as they’re drinking and judge how much to tilt their cup. With its interchangeable base and lids, it means you can also switch between the spout, sippy cup and training lids as baby grows.


All the while, this cup minimizes spills as baby uses the unique window to judge how much to lift, tilt and drink. It’s the ideal stepping-stone to a regular, open cup for water, milk, you name it! And it’s less-mess for folks too, particularly when dining out or visiting friends.


here are the training cup details!


  • - lid funnels liquids into rim for easy free flowing drinking
  • - window in lid allows kids see and judge water level
  • - easy free flow drinking
  • - dishwasher safe
  • - 240mls/8oz capacity
  • - BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • - base also fits spout lid, sippy cup and training lid for every age and stage

 child with b.box transition value pack for drinking

transition value pack’s full of awesome!


Now it’s time for the perfect drinking bundle! It’s our transition value pack, it’s 4 lids with 1 base, and its full of awesome - catering to every age and stage from 4 months. Taking babies from bottle-feeding to toddler-training in one great value pack: from teat, to spout, to sippy to training … simply change lids as baby grows!


the transition value pack includes:


  • - teat 4m+ a fast flow (Stage 3) silicone teat with handles and cover
  • - spout lid 4m+ soft silicone spout that’s gently on baby gums
  • - sippy straw cup 6m+ our award-winning weighted straw sippy cup
  • - training lid 12m+ teaches kids how to drink from a cup, offering easy free flow drinking with a unique window lid.


transition value pack for every age and stage



here are the details!


  • - 4 lids in 1 cup, taking babies from bottle feeding to toddler training in one value pack
  • - base fits each lid. Simply change lids as baby grows, catering to every age and stage
  • - dishwasher safe
  • - 240ml capacity base
  • - BPA, Phthalates and PVC free


And there you have it! from baby to toddler, we’ve got you covered on their drinking journey. Simply choose the bottle or cup that suits your little learner’s age and stage and watch their cups overflow with confidence and independence.  We’ll cheers to that!


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