Ah, new mamas, I’ll have to admit; there is nothing more divine, than the feel of our newborn baby’s skin. But beneath the softness and suppleness – we also must take note: that their skin is known to be extremely delicate + naturally more sensitive than the skin of older children or adults. In fact, after birth it’s common and normal for bubs to develop dry or slightly flaky skin, inflammation, and rashes. This can be from drool, from heat, or appear as cradle cap or nappy rash!

To work the best way to take care of your baby’s wellbeing + make sure they are getting the best skin care possible, we thought we’d sit down with infant skin expert Antonette Golikidis for an informative Q + A session: to introduce our 2 newest b.box body skin care products: nourish – our all-over body oil; and hydrate – our all-over moisturiser; and explain the difference between both + how to use them effectively on our newborn baby’s skin. 

Antonette is an award-winning skincare expert, mum, and the formulations queen behind b.box body. Antonette holds a Diploma in Health Science and Personal Care Formulation, and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy and brings more than 15 years’ experience in cosmetic product development, alternative therapies, scent science and baby massage to the b.box product design team. 


baby using b.box body hydrate lotion

b.box body nourish vs. hydrate: explained


Q: The sensitivity of a newborn baby’s skin is known to be a common issue that every new mama at some time or another will have to deal with. So, in your own words, can you first explain the similarities + differences between each of these b.box body skin care products, and when they can be used on a newborn baby’s skin?


A: To answer your first question, both b.box body nourish + b.box body hydrate are skin moisturisers, and both are suitable for your baby from day one. They are both formulated with natural ingredients, are vegan friendly + cruelty free. They can be used daily or as needed to keep your baby’s skin soft.


 baby using b.box body nourish oil


Now let’s unpack the differences between the two.


Firstly, hydrate is a light lotion, infused with Australian botanicals like Kakadu plum and Aloe vera to moisturise the skin + contains a calming essential oil to help soothe any minor skin irritation.


Whereas nourish is a light yet deeply hydrating aromatic oil formulated with sunflower, coconut + jojoba oil to help replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier + contains essential oils to help calm inflamed skin. In fact, nourish is ideal for baby massage + for helping to treat skin sensitivities like dry or chapped skin, or cradle cap!

 baby using b.box body hydrate lotion and refill


Q: Can you give us an example of which b.box body products to use, and when?


A: For moisturising baby’s skin on a regular basis, and if their skin is normal, using b.box body hydrate alone is great after a bath! For babies that have extra sensitive skin, or irritated skin, b.box body nourish can help just as well: for extra nourishment, baby massage or cradle cap!

To soothe their dry skin, put a few drops of nourish into bub’s bath. Or, to soothe their cradle cap + loosen their scabby bits, apply nourish over their scalp before giving them their bath. Or you may just decide to use nourish for a daily baby massage - a calming activity for both you and your baby.

Really it comes down to your baby’s skin type and any sensitivities, and your personal preference; you may like to use one or the other … it’s up to you!


So, there you have it. Our 2 newest b.box body products, hydrate + nourish - the supportive solution to soothing your bub’s sensitive skin: with clean, skin-loving ingredients suitable to nourish bubs and beyond.


Check out nourish here and hydrate here.

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by Antonette Golikidis

Her in-depth research and study of skin care and cosmetics ignited her passion for working with natural ingredients to create unique, quality products that not only smell delicious, but capture the therapeutic benefits of those ingredients.  Antonette lives by her everyday mantra: ‘Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do...’

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