with so much time at home, we’re all digging deep to keep our kids busy and happy. turns out we shouldn’t have to dig too far – because we were all little experts once upon a time (just 5 or 10…. okay, maybe more like 20 or 30 years ago!)

take a trip down memory lane and share with your all-time favourite peeps these five good old-time favourite games:

hear ye', we're going on a treasure hunt

get your pirate gear on and make your map – don’t forget to singe the edges for that classic olde world effect (good times!) ye’ little hearties will be so excited to follow clues or simply wander the backyard or living room seeking out treasure of any kind. 

keep it simple – small tokens or coins that can be pooled together for the grandest of loot. 

 to be sure, to be sure – little buccaneers will be asking to play this one again and again!

energy burning obstacles

active kids need to be on the move and the best thing about obstacle courses is that they can be played indoors or out, whatever the weather. and they can be easily tweaked depending on kiddie ages.  

set up a scoreboard & record times (remember the old stopwatch!) so little champs can compete against each other, or their personal best… or you! 

complete the course as often as needed throughout the day (any time you need an energy pick me up) and celebrate the grandest champion of the day. loads of fun and loads of memories – it's a win win!  

build and epic fort

complete with a club flag and club ‘rulz’ of course (no grown-ups allowed)! 

start with chairs for the frame and space out with the backs facing inwards. then collect every single blanket available and drape over the chairs. 

add some pillows for comfort and cuddly friends for company! don’t forget torches and snacks for the best fun.

and last but not least, the secret handshake because without it – entry is denied!   

let's talk the chalk

when it’s time for some fun in the sun, bring your trusty sidewalk chalk. an oldie but a goodie because there are so many things you can do. remember these: hopscotch, four square, noughts and crosses… just to name a few. 

How about creating a life size version of your old time favourite board games. snakes and ladders works well, kids get to practice writing and counting their numbers (homeschool math lesson, check!) and they get to be life size game pieces! just roll a dice and away you go. 

tomorrow, there’ll be self-portraits, shadow tracing and rainbows… lots and lots of rainbows. so easy, so affordable, so fun!   


happiness is blowing bubbles

you’ll be feeling all bubbly inside with this ‘straight outta the 80’s’ bubble mix: 

  • combine 1 cup dishwashing liquid, 
  • 1/2 teaspoon glycerine (if you don’t have, you can use vegetable oil), and; 
  • 1/2 cup of water. 

    use bubble wands you already have or get creative and make your own using pipe cleaners, sticks tied together, the options are endless. 

    experiment with different shapes (diamonds are a girl’s best friend!) and sizes and marvel at the unbelieva-bubbles you can create!

    feeling nostalgic? these are just a few of so many classic pass-times… what were your faves? 

    take your pick of old school activities for old school fun. - guaranteed joy for the young… and the young at heart! 


    pass your days the old-fashioned way. go on - you owe it to your kiddie self!

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