4 simple tips to keep kids hydrated through winter


kids need water. we all do! but it’s especially true for growing and active little bodies. and right now, when most of us have changed our usual routines, chances are kiddies aren’t drinking as much as they normally would be. 


staying hydrated is key to staying healthy and happy, and not just during the warmer months. good hydration habits are important in the cooler months too, by boosting the immune system and helping to prevent littlies from getting sick particularly during peak cold and flu season. so here are 4 simple tips, to help with your young one’s sips!


tip 1: start good habits early


early childhood is a good time to start shaping good drinking habits and promoting regular water intake. the amount your little one needs depends on a few factors; their age, size and level of activity. 

as a general guide, kiddies under 8 should drink between 4-5 glasses of water. for the bigger kids 9 years plus, a minimum of 6 glasses is recommended (according to betterhealth.vic.gov.au). make sure water and cups are easily accessible to kids of all ages and give regular reminders throughout the day. go on, water’ you waiting for!

kid drinking from insulated drink bottle 

tip 2: fill a drink bottle everyday


even if you’re not heading out, keep a filled drink bottle handy for regular sips throughout the day. let your kids choose their own bottle in their favorite colors. 

our drink bottle is designed specifically for little hands and big thirsts, and comes in an array of cool colors for cool cats! offer water with meals and snacks and encourage drinking after physical activity (yes youtube videos count!) don’t forget to do the same - leading by example helps kids to learn.


tip 3: make it interesting


venture to the vegie patch and collect some tasty treats to add to your water jug and drink bottles. try adding slices of fruit like lemon or orange, for fun and flavour. and herbs like mint are a tasty addition too. no vegies in your patch? no problemo! head to the fridge for frozen goodies like raspberries and blueberries! then serve in colourful glasses with crazy straws, or fun sippy cups .


tip 4: winter warmers


warm water with lemon, kid-friendly herbal tea, a hot cocoa perhaps? good for the body and good for the soul! serve in our insulated drink bottle to keep warm and cosy for hours. or get out the tea set and have a tea party. drink up, teacup!

kids holding insulated drink bottles 

if all else fails...


many fruits and vegies have a high-water content. offer watermelon, strawberries, oranges, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and more for snacks throughout the day. or whiz up a combination of a few for a healthy thirst quencher. not only are you keeping kids hydrated but you are ensuring they hit their servings of fruit and veg for the day. 


mama’s love a win, win. 

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