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Reduce your reliance on single-use plastics with our latest and greatest reusable silicone straws. 

you’ll love that they’re semi-transparent for thorough cleaning with the included brush cleaner 

or in the dishwasher, so long nasties! 

and everyone will love doing their bit for our planet, one sip at a time!

think your kids are tough? 

our straws are tougher! made from long-lasting and durable silicone, our straws will stand the test of time. 

they really are ex-straw-dinary! 

glass half full… or empty? 

either way, our soft and flexible straws are suitable for kids of all ages with a kink at the top for easy reaching and slurping. serve with hot or cool drinks whichever way they like it!

make the wise choice! 

whether at home with a handy 5 pack and cleaner or on-the-go with a single travel pack, cleaner and pouch, 

together we can make a difference!

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