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we believe that parents are the best source of practical advice and feedback. so we’re on the hunt for volunteers to take part in a product sampling program taking place in February 2021.

at this stage, we can’t tell you much about the product but we can tell you this…

· all products part of the sampling program have been approved for sale in Australia and meet all the applicable standards as well as our own stringent design specifications and quality standards (we're pretty tough on ourselves so that you don't have to be!)

· we’ll send some new product samples for you and your baby to trial at home, and keep

· you use them in your own time, as part of your regular daily routine over a 1-2 week period

· you provide us with feedback and testimonials at the end via a survey, and possibly images and video footage

· we thank you with a $50 gift card.

if you’d like to be part of the journey, as we bring new products to families in Australia and across the globe then register your interest below…

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