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Snot Attack!

coldColds are perfectly normal and entirely natural, particularly for those at daycare, those with older siblings, and those who lick things and share bogies.  Given that that includes most kids, here are some tips on what to do when their noses start to run.

Accept that there isn't a cure.   Really, all you can do is try to make your littlie as...

Caesar-safe Exercise

caesarKelly Britter, from Fitness Addix,  is a personal trainer and a mum.  She has been training new and expectant mums for years, and is particularly skilled in exercise techniques which are suitable following caesarean.  She recently had one of her own, so knows first-hand what it takes to get your body back, and how to do it safely.  Before you start, get the all clear from...

Easy Does It!

beans on toastThere's nothing like doing things the easy way.  And it's not very often that mums and dads get to do that.  So how about injecting a little corner cutting into your day, and trying these tips for making life a little bit easier?

Beans on toast.  Kids don't need (or like) cordon bleu cookery every day.  And you probably have better things to do...

Don't gloss over their pearly whites!

antonia kidmanjpegGetting your littlies to brush their teeth can be a nightmare. They just don't see the point. And if you're trying to protect your fort from marauding dragons, would you stop to shine your pearly whites? No, it probably wouldn't be your priority either. So how do you encourage good oral hygiene, and teach them to wield their toothbrushes as well as they wield their lightsabers?


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