Family (6)We are delighted that our NZ friends will now be able to get their hands on - the essential baby box thanks to Marion from K & M Distributing. Check out our stockists page for your closest NZ retailer and if you're interested in stocking - be sure to get in touch with Marion. Here we get to know the lady behind the "empire". How long have you been in business? 5 years What did you do before you started your business? Prior to K & M Distributing, we owned an online retail store, while I also worked for Telecom What makes your business unique? We are a small family run business that we started from scratch when we had just 1 child, now with 4 children, plus a stallion at stud we are a small family run business that is extremely busy!! Between school runs, kindy runs and ferrying the stallion to and from the breeding centre, as well as running K & M Distributing, but we love it really! What do you love most about what you do? We are very passionate about our business and love being able to offer Kiwis quality innovative products What's your favourite way of sourcing new products? Word of mouth What’s your favourite time of the day? Anytime that the kids are all happy at the same time - LOL What’s the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received? Roll with it: I learnt the hard way that children do not conform to the so called rules. As soon as I stopped stressing about things, man was I happy If you could become any character from a children’s story, who would you be and why? Hansel or Gretel they got to eat a whole candy house – YUM!! Who inspires you? People who work hard and reap the rewards Who lives under your roof? Marion (Mum), Kevin (Dad), Liam, Ethan, Kyra and Heath...Barney the Fox Terrier, Davidoff the German Riding Pony Stallion and Sam the kids' pony

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