workGoing back to work after having a baby may well be one of the hardest things you've done in months. Logistically, it's likely to be challenging, to say the least, and the emotions associated with returning to work can range from elation to absolute devastation, and back again in a matter of seconds. Very few of us return to work without a hint of sadness, and none of us do it without a great deal of planning, a lot of rushing (some swearing) and too many things to carry to the car in the mornings!

For some of us, going back to work after having a baby is a no-brainer. For some, integrating baby into our working lives was always the intention, and we are happy, and able, to continue as planned.

Many of us return to work in order to cling on to something for ourselves. Our desire to be out there, in the world, using our brains is as compelling as our desire to parent.

For others, the return to work is a financial necessity. That can be a bitter pill to swallow, particularly if it’s not what you really want to do.

Regardless of the motivation, going back to work can trigger torturous and abiding feelings of guilt, sadness, angst, fear, and just about all and any negative emotion there is. I'm afraid that goes with the territory. Going back to work can be one of the hardest things you do as a mum, but that doesn't necessarily make it wrong.

By the time your first day arrives, you will have considered every angle, explored every high, and every low. However, take comfort in the knowledge that limited time often translates to quality time, and that quality time is more important for well attached, confident, happy kids.

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