holidayOnly a few more hours and you'll be off on your holidays! The dog is at your mums, you've cancelled the papers, and everything is packed. So how come you're not excited? Ahhh, the kids! Yup! I get it. Not looking forward to the journey. Bored kids trapped in a confined space can be a recipe for disaster. Aside from plugging them directly into the iPad for the duration, here are some ideas that might make the journey a little more fun for everyone:

  1. Have a scavenger hunt. Challenge the kids to find everything on your list, get them to write lists for each other, and for the little kids, draw pictures of the things you'd like them to find.
  2. Appoint a family photographer. Or two. Get the kids to bring their cameras and ask them to photograph things they like.
  3. Give the kids a magazine, and ask them to coun all of the cars. Then all of the babies, or everything blue. Ask pre-schoolers to point to words beginning with “M”.
  4. Buy craft kits for the kids to make collages. Just remember to avoid ones with liquid glue (as you might not get it through security and it smells, which isn’t pleasant for those around you on a plane).
  5. Finger puppets are great - make them dance, sing, do tricks, tell stories or even give tickles.
  6. Go for a wander and meet other, willing passengers. Most people are happy to chat to littlies, and littlies love being centre of attention. Teach them to say “Merry Christmas”, and you're sure to make friends.
  7. Bring along a doctors' kit, replete with real band aids and bandages, and get the kids to treat the family.
  8. Anything new will be a real hit with the kids, especially if you wrap it. Try wrapping their sandwiches or a banana, just for fun.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you. Have a wonderful holiday, and don't forget – you can use these tricks anywhere. They're great for restaurants and by the pool too.

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