Fruit SkewersAs parents, one of our primary duties is to ensure that our little ones are getting all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Sounds easy, right? But the reality is that it can sometimes be a struggle to get littlies to eat. Finding healthy foods for fussy eaters can be a challenge, and with festive feasting on the horizon, I thought I'd give you some tips for quick and healthy snacks.

Lesson number one is: cut everything with cookie cutters, for maximum edibility. It's worth the investment.

Eggs are so versatile, and full of great stuff. Scramble them with spinach, tomatoes or tuna, poach them, boil them and serve with cheesy wholegrain soldiers. For added incentive, take the littlies to buy a special egg cup each, or draw Humpty Dumpty on the outsides. Throw some tasty bacon and a selection of vegetables into omelettes, and serve them small and hot, or in chunky wedges or squares.

Milk and yogurt is great for growing bodies. Simply blend milk and fruit for milkshakes. Or add yoghurt and a banana for a smoothie. Try littlies with yogurt and fresh fruit, crunchy cereals or dried fruits and nuts. Use fruit or coconut to make yoghurt icy poles and frozen yoghurt for treat time.

Fruit and vegetables are every day essentials for little ones, so let your creativity run wild. Arrange bite sized pieces in the shape of a face or a house, make colourful kebabs, use a melon baller to make fruit balls, or cut out shapes, and ask the littlies to make you a picture. Baby vegetables are great snacks on their own or with hummus, peanut butter or cream cheese. Try serving fruit stewed, roasted with a drizzle of honey or frozen on a stick. Or make a fruity crumble, vegetable muffins, or a hearty vegetable soup.

Healthy food can be easy food, and healthy easy food is a parent’s best friend. Along with our cookie cutters!

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