injection No matter how many times I do it, taking my kids for their vaccinations never seems to get any easier. I've lost count how many times it's been! But, more often than not, the kids have been absolute troopers, taking it in their stride. I, on the other hand, have always felt the need for a stiff drink and a good long cuddle afterwards, and if I could have got away with throwing a ‘tantie’, and running away before the main event, I would have. This morning it was The Princess' turn. She yelped and looked at me in absolute confusion. The holler of agony that accompanied her suddenly-distorted smile brought tears to my eyes. Then came the look that said “You betrayed me! How could you?” Her eyes said “I thought you loved me!” and if she'd had a free hand, I'm pretty sure she'd have swept it across her brow, in an Opera-like swoon. And who could blame her? After all, there she was, the poor little thing: thrilled to have found something to eat in the carpet, hanging with Teddy, and declaring herself “pretty” to all who would listen. Then all of a sudden, Evil Mummy swoops in, whips off her top and offers her up to the naughty lady with the very sharp stabby thing. And what’s worse is that Evil Mummy held her down while the horrid lady jabbed her in the arm and made her cry. And Mummy then had the audacity to pretend that she was sorry, and that she loved the little princess! There will be consequences, I know. I think I even heard her whisper the word in my ear as I held her tight. Did she really say she'd see me in her office at 3am? I rather think she might have.

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