Grab the wine and hold onto your seat - you’re not alone – the terrible twos are a stressful time for every parent. Suddenly your angel is throwing temper tantrums, crying, and making a fuss – about everything!

Why do toddlers go through this stage?

Your baby is growing up and trying to become more independent, which means he is starting to make his own decisions and test the limits. His once-innocent personality may start to clash with your parenting style, as he doesn’t yet grasp all your reasoning.

What can you do?

Maintaining structure and routine is one way to curb symptoms of the terrible twos – like those lovely temper tantrums at the shopping centre or grocery store that are so often fuelled by hunger or fatigue. Having scheduled meals and naps reduces the risk of such occurrences, but it’s still a good idea to travel with a sippy cup and snack pack when you’re out and about in case you need to to nip a fussy freakout in the bud.

Toddlers going through the terrible twos can also be demanding and are striving for control over their own lives. To avoid outbursts over what your child wants, offer limited choices. Give only a couple of options for his meals or activities and let him decide from those. This allows some independence and decision-making while keeping his demands in control.And remember, sometimes it best to pick your battles- is it really such a big deal if he wants to wear his PJs to creche?

Remind yourself that toddlers throw tantrums not to annoy you – even though sometimes it may seem that way! – but because they’re feeling frustrated or anxious. This can be because they do not yet have all the communication skills they need to express what they want to.

Don’t worry – remember, whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. By this adage, parents of toddlers must have the strength of superheros!

How do you cope with the terrible twos?

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