facebookUnless you are one of those rare and incredibly lucky people who have the "model baby" most new parents struggle with lack of sleep. And of course the hectic and often overwhelming schedule of feeding, nappy changing, washing, and all of the other things parenthood brings along with it.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of apps and gadgets designed to help make life easier for new mums and dads.

A new app called the Baby Activity Logger is one such advancement that could assist new parents keep track of their baby's schedule. Not to worry if you have twins, because this app can log information about more than one baby.

Useful features include a sleep trending chart, where you can see, day by day, when and for how long your little one has been sleeping. This feature may even help you schedule your own naps and rests when you see certain sleeping trends emerging - a luxury for tired mums.

You can also track your baby's nappy changes so you can figure out when you're most likely to need your nappy caddy and other supplies on hand.

The app even covers the bases of baby feeding, allowing you to record which breast you last fed from so you don't have to try and remember all these small but important details in your own head.

This information can be helpful during those early visits to the doctor. If there is ever a problem with your little one, you have his or her sleeping, dietary and bodily functions catalogued on hand, giving you and the doctor straightforward insight into your baby's health.

The app even has the ability to sync all this information to other devices such as your computer so you can have it anywhere, anytime.

We all know new mums and dads need as much of a break as they can get - do you think an app could take some of the stress out of the early days of parenthood? The app is available for Android and Apple devices. Will you give an app like this a try?

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