Taking a road trip with a baby or toddler doesn’t need to be daunting if you apply our top tips for surviving a long drive with tots.

As most mums know, preparation is key in most travel circumstances with babies. Making a list of things your wee one will need can make the journey that much more enjoyable for the whole family.

First of all, remember the basics such as food, drinks, nappies, wipes and spare clothing. Because your baby will be eating and drinking on the go, clothing changes may be necessary more than usual so be sure to pack a compact, easy clean travel bib to help contain some of the mess.

A leak-proof sippy cup is also essential so your little one can drink without spilling milk or other liquids over him or herself - or the car!

Pack nappies, wipes, and a changing mat all together in a nappy wallet or bag. Keeping everything in one portable place makes it easier to pull off nappy changes in less-than-ideal locations during travel.

If your car doesn’t have a built in DVD player, then be sure to take along an iPad or portable DVD - great for keeping little ones of all ages entertained. And of course remember to pack the charger to ensure the battery doesn't run out.

Also items like your baby's favourite soft toy or blanket can be helpful for encouraging sleeping in a car, plane or train, and also at night once you've arrived in a new environment. The same goes for favourite music or story tapes. It's these little homey touches that can make a big difference when your baby is dealing with the changes in scenery and routine.

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