With the end of the year fast approaching, we wanted to leave you with a taste of things to come in 2012. In addition to keeping you up to date with b.box happenings, we'll be welcoming guest bloggers to contribute to the blog. Just like with our Facebook page, we want to create an online mother's group of sorts, so if you'd like to contribute a blog piece or have a topic you'd like us to discuss, please email us at info@bbox.com.au - anytime. And now for our first guest blogger - Tahlia Mandie - psychotherapist, family therapist, wife and mum. Be sure to like the parenting files on Facebook or hop onto her web site for more parenting top tips and discussions.

Being mum, wife, professional and everything else in between

I often get asked how I split my time between all my roles, responsibilities and “hats” that I wear? Short answer… I have no idea really. Somehow I manage to juggle, whilst every now and then I tumble and fall.

It is just getting harder. In today’s world of having to meet work commitments, deadlines, mortgage repayments and household monthly bills, time just seems to be precious and poor. Time poor. Little time. “Where has the time gone”. No sooner have we finished something, there is something else to do, with eleven pm fast approaching. And that is not even acknowledging that down time with your partner.

No sooner do you plan something, something else comes up and that original plan goes out the window. It is all very well to be organized and maintain an organized routine, but how often does that just seem not to happen?

Splitting our time just seems to get harder. Tired, frustrated, stressed and anxious.

I recently watched the movie How Does She Do It, and I couldn’t help but wonder how satisfied and happy she really was running around like a mad hatter, missing out on her children’s big moments, and sharing that special time with her husband? Was she truly happy and satisfied in her role?

We all try to find that balance between professional and family and personal life. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But you need to be aware of yourself and the subtleties that are going on.

Maybe life is about having a list and making a list every night before bed. Planning the next day. But life is also about not planning and being able to give yourself permission to let go a little and focus on the small things. What is important to you? What do you value? If work is crouching in on your family life and personal life you must ask yourself, how can I change this? What needs to happen?

Don’t just settle. Don’t just be okay with what is placed in front of you. Find the courage to challenge yourself, your beliefs and your working style in order to find that balance.

Sometimes building a sand castle is the most important thing at that moment in time.

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