Hi guys, we love the team at Little One Baby for a beautiful magazine and their ongoing support. Always fab "test smarties" (as opposed to dummies), the two Amy's always give us their candid feedback - and their review of the sippy cup is no different. Thanks ladies.

Many of you have already bought one of our new sippy cups and thank you for your rave reviews and emails. A couple however have contacted us to say the cup is leaking. Always focused on ensuring our products deliver as promised, we did a little investigation.

Apparently the cup has a little quirk that we've only just discovered. If you have the straw facing towards the logo as per the blue cup below, it may leak. If you have the straw facing away from the logo, as per image of the pink cup below, no leaks - promise! I've tried it both ways and I'm sure someone far clever than me could explain why this phenomenon occurs... but hopefully dilemma solved!

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