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The festive season is here, and what better way to kick things off than with the biggest sale event of the year! Black Friday at is not just another sale; it's the ultimate shopping experience for Australian parents.

We’ve highlighted 5 standout products that will revolutionise your parenting game:



1. Whole Foods Lunchbox


Introducing the whole foods Lunchbox - where versatility meets taste. Designed with a keen understanding of young palates, it ensures every mealtime is an exciting journey. Children crave variety, and this lunchbox is crafted with that in mind. Offering a delightful blend of flexibility for parents and an array of choices for kids, it's more than just a meal container; it's a daily companion that caters to every culinary whim. Make every lunch an adventure and keep your child looking forward to what’s inside.

  • Flexibility at Its Best: Whether it's a wholesome sandwich, pasta, or a fresh salad, this lunchbox caters to your child's every whim.
  • Freshness First: With an under-tray gel cooler pack, bid adieu to stale lunches.
  • Fruit Flexibility: Store a whole apple without a hitch, thanks to the unique flexi whole fruit holder.
  • Customisable Compartments: Adjust the space as you see fit; perfect for bananas, wraps, and everything in between with a sliding, removable divider.
  • Leak-Proof & Kid-Friendly: Encouraging independence, it’s designed for easy opening, and although dishwasher friendly, hand washing is recommended for maintaining its pristine condition.

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    2. Tritan Drink Bottles

    Tritan Drink Bottle


    The perfect hydration companion for your young ones. With its unique triangle design, this bottle is crafted especially for those tiny hands, ensuring a firm grip every time.

    A simple push button reveals a hygienic straw that stays protected when not in use, eliminating the worry of misplaced lids. And say goodbye to unexpected spills, thanks to the spill-proof bite valve straw top.

    The robust handle ensures easy transport, whether in hand or nestled in a school bag. With its generous 450ml or 600ml capacity and an angled silicone straw, your child is assured every sip, down to the very last drop. Simple, efficient, and designed for ease - this bottle is all about keeping the young ones refreshed effortlessly.

  • Kid-Optimised Design: Its unique triangle shape ensures easy gripping for those little hands.
  • Spill-Proof & Hygienic: Attached lids means no more lost caps and straws are kept clean. Say goodbye to spills or stray lids, and the robust handle makes it backpack-friendly.
  • Stay Hydrated: With its 450ml capacity, your kiddo can quench their thirst till the last drop.
  • Easy Maintenance: Minimal parts make cleaning a breeze. Plus, the removable bumper allows it to be aged up!

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    3. Award-Winning Sippy Cup


    Discover the magic of our award-winning sippy cup, recipient of over 20 accolades! Featuring a pioneering weighted straw that flows with the liquid, it promises effortless sips at any angle. Its redesigned two-way valve guarantees leak-free hydration, even with warm drinks. From lying down to on-the-move, this is the perfect transition from bottle to cup. Its ergonomic handles and flip-top lid bolster independence. Truly, a drinkware marvel for the little ones.

  • Advanced Straw Design: Ensures easy drinking from any angle, even lying down—truly leak-proof, even with warm liquids.
  • Ergonomic & Stylish: Easy-grip handles, a flip-top lid, and available in delightful shades with a matte finish.

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    4. Protect Nappy and Barrier Cream


    Experience the blend of our mineral-infused nappy cream, celebrated at the Bounty Baby 2023 awards and Tell Me Baby's most-reviewed gem. Imbued with Australian botanicals and zinc oxide, this cream gently interfaces with your baby's tender skin. Delight in the notes of lavender, chamomile, and Kakadu plum. Our thoughtfully designed airless jar ensures ease of use and hygiene, offering a dual-hand convenience for parents.

  • Purely Australian: Infused with the soothing properties of lavender, chamomile, and Kakadu plum, this formula aims to enhance skin texture and comfort, addressing concerns like nappy rash, dryness, and other skin sensitivities.
  • Powerful Protection: The active ingredient, zinc oxide, provides a protective shield against nappy rashes and other skin irritations.
  • Hygienic Dispensing: The airless jar ensures precise application, keeping those fingers cream-free!

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    5. Chill + Fill Teether


    Crafted for curious tots from 3 months and beyond, this innovative design lets you add an ice cube and cold water for ultimate gum comfort.

    Moulded from soft, food-grade silicone, it not only offers a bunny head and ears for complete oral coverage but also brings varied textures for added sensory delight. Embrace a cleaner, safer approach to teething: you control the fill, ensuring no harmful agents touch your baby's mouth. Plus, its smart base design ensures cleanliness, staying upright wherever you set it. A teether designed with your baby's comfort - and your peace of mind - at its core

  • Cooling Comfort: Just pop it in the fridge, fill with ice and water, and watch as your bubba gets instant relief.
  • Safe & Soothing: Made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, the teether offers varied massaging sensations.
  • Parent-Controlled: Decide what goes in the teether, ensuring no harmful gels come near your child's mouth.

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    So, parents, get ready to snag these must-haves at our Black Friday blowout. Whether it's the perfect lunch solution, a trusty drink bottle for school, or something to soothe those teething woes,   has got you covered! Don't miss out on amazing deals, be the first to receive news by SIGNING UP; once they're gone, they're gone! 🛍🎉


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